What Is National Geographics SharkFest?

While you wait for Shark Week dates to be released, you can familiarize yourself with SharkFest. Unlike Shark Week, which is 7 days only, SharkFest is six weeks long!

That means you get to enjoy six times as much shark content. Who doesn’t want more content about the oceans apex predators?

National Geographic’s SharkFest started nine seasons ago. This year will be their tenth year hosting SharkFest content across four channels.

You can stream or watch the previous program schedule on Disney+, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic, and Disney XD.

There is plenty of content to enjoy, with nine previous seasons to catch up on before season ten. Last year alone they provided 60 hours of programming with 21 new premiers.

Shark Fest 2021 also included Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth.

National Geographic started its shark programming to help educate us and preserve our sharks. While water covers 70% of the Earth, only 7% is protected. From pollution to overfishing and bycatch, you can learn more about different ways we can protect sharks.

Another point NatGeo wants to make is to help people relinquish their fear of sharks. With its programming, NatGeo hopes to diminish people’s fears and misconceptions about sharks.

Dates and Schedule

Why can you watch SharkFest?

If you love Shark Week, which is one week of shark-thrilling and exciting content, you’ll also love SharkFest.

This program is six weeks long, so you can enjoy it all summer! When you’re done binge-watching Shark Week you can switch it up with SharkFest.

From 90-minute movies to viral shark videos to scientific facts, you’ll see it all on National Geographic’s Shark Fest.

The dates for SharkFest 2022 have been released, and it all kicks off on Sunday 10th July.

Get the full details here for the SharkFest dates and more!

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