SharkFest Dates 2022… When is SharkFest?

This summer, SharkFest is back with a splash and celebrating a decade of quality shark content. We have been waiting with “baited” breath for the SharkFest 2022 dates!

National Geographic is telling us that this will be the most immersive and massive shark programming experience to date.

But when is SharkFest?

SharkFest dates

SharkFest 2022 Dates

SharkFest is starting on Sunday 10th July!

The exact details are still a bit scarce, but this event usually runs for a few weeks.

We have been told to expect 30 hours of original programming and over 60 hours of enhanced content for the 10th anniversary of SharkFest.

While we do still love Shark Week, we find SharkFest is more scientific and helps to give us a better understanding of sharks and their nature.

National Geographic also funds the best scientists and storytellers from around the world to protect sharks and their ocean home.

We can’t wait for SharkFest 2022!

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