deadly shark attack in Australia

Deadly Shark Attack in Sydney, Australia

On Wednesday, around 4:35 PM (GMT+11), emergency services were called to a deadly shark attack in Sydney, Australia.

It was a beautiful day at Little Bay Beach until a shark savagely attacked a swimmer.

According to the eyewitnesses, the victim, 35-year-old Simon Nellist, swam in a wetsuit across the beach and started yelling. The next thing they saw was a lot of water splashing and blood seeping everywhere.

This can be seen in the short video below recorded by one of the fishermen.

According to Simon Nellist’s friend Della Ross, he was a dive instructor and loved the ocean. He was engaged to be married, but his other love was the sea.

Tragic Attack

Four ambulance vehicles and an emergency helicopter came to the scene.

Once at the deadly shark attack scene, they realized there was nothing they could do. The shark attack was so severe that only some remains of the victim were found.

The authorities have closed the beach and surrounding beaches for 24 hours. The 13 beaches are being monitored for body remains and the shark.

The mayor of Randwick, Dylan Parker, sent out his deepest condolences to the family, stating, “We are all in shock. Our entire community’s hearts go out to the family of the victim.”

While there were shark attacks before in Sydney and three fatal ones last year, Little Bay Beach has not seen one in 59 years. This is not the only place there have been deadly shark attacks this year.

This is the second out of nine fatal unprovoked shark attacks in 2022. Last year there was a deadly shark attack in the USA, in Morro Bay.

So what is causing these shark attacks, and how can we prevent them?

In the last three years, there has been a “rise” in shark attacks. The reason could be that more people are visiting the beach during the pandemic.

They are either not working, laid off, or going to the beach instead of staying in quarantine. This fatal shark attack in Sydney is tragic, but we can’t blame the sharks.

Little Bay Beach in Sydney

Video of the Shark Attack

WARNING: Graphic images. Viewer discretion is advised.

Family Tribute to British Victim

The family of the Sydney shark attack victim paid tribute to the incredible man.

Simon Nellist was a former Royal Army Force engineer. He served two tours in Afghanistan and was a proud Cornishman. The family also said that the late victim was a great photographer.

He grew up in the west Cornwall village of Ludgvan near Penzance and migrated to Australia, where he was engaged to be married to Jessie Ho.

Nellist was a lover of nature and the sea and was training for a charity swim when the shark attacked him.

The family also mentioned that “Simon was funny, compassionate and always had time for people. He had a rare gift of instantly being able to connect with others, gaining their trust and respect.”

Simon Nellist will surely be missed by his family, friends and anyone that got a chance to meet him.

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