Say Hello to Nibbles the Shark!

Please welcome our latest We Love Sharks team member, Nibbles the Shark!

Introducing our latest We Love Sharks team member, Nibbles the shark!

Last week we asked all We Love Sharks fans to help us name our new mascot. You came up with some brilliant names and, of course, somebody suggested “Sharky McShark Face”!

Some of the We Love Sharks team thought “Finn” would be the winner, but the votes showed that Nibbles is the name!

Nibbles Taking his First Adventure

Nibbles the Shark has already been getting out and about! Check out this video of Nibbles and his friends taking a hike on the Shawangunks Long Path Trail.

Don’t worry.. we kept him hydrated!

A Few Snaps of Nibbles the Shark

Nibbles certainly loves the camera! Here are a few shots of our new favorite shark:

Keep an eye out for more Nibbles adventures and antics coming soon!

Why not join in yourself? Use the hashtags #sharksinthewild and #welovesharks on social media with your own shark photos!

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