Hempstead Town Shark Patrol

Did you hear about the new shark patrol on Long Island? When beaches were open in New York during Memorial Day weekend, there was a shark sighting. A fisherman saw a mako shark in the water near the shores at Point Lookout on Long Beach. Before the authorities could come, the shark went back into the water and disappeared. This has mobilized a new shark patrol that will monitor the beach and inform visitors.

What is the job of the Hempstead Town Shark Patrol in Long Island? The first thing the staff of volunteers and lifeguards will do is monitor the waters. This includes off and on-shore monitoring. They will also be giving beachgoers tips if they encounter a shark. The Shart Patrol will perform a mockup rescue demonstration. This information can hopefully help educate the population and prevent future shark attacks.

The shark in the water during Memorial Day was a mako shark. These sharks are common in New York starting in May. The warmer the water temperatures get, the more sharks we will see. Shark sightings are also more common during July and August when the beaches are packed.

Beach Flags

Before hitting the waters, make sure you don’t see any red flags. Red flags warn those on the beach that the water is not safe to enter. Double red flags mean there are sharks in the water. If you see a purple flag with a white shark, there is a dangerous marine animal in the water that’s not a shark. A white flag with a solid black shark means that the beach is closed. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the different flags so that you and your family are safe in the water every summer.

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