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Are You a Sharknado Fanatic?

While many shark movies feel the same, the Sharknado franchise is anything but basic. These over-the-top movies have quickly gained a fan base that can’t get enough of these highly exaggerated movies. Whether you want to laugh at sharks flying or have nightmares, these movies deserve a chance. To me, Sharknado movies remind me of the  Scream Movie. If you thought these movies were funny, then you’ll like Sharknado as well. If you don’t want to see fake sharks killed, perhaps this isn’t for you.

Currently, there are six Sharknado movies, all of them more outrageous than the last. The movie franchise started in 2013 and ended in 2018. While there are no talks about creating the seventh sequel, comics and video games have transpired from the franchise. If you’re looking for some science-fiction horror-comedy movies, you’ve found them!

The Six Movies


The first movie came out in 2013 and was based around a cyclone that brought man-eating sharks to the city of Los Angeles. The main character, Fin, played by Ian Ziering, sets out to rescue his ex-wife April (Tara Reid), and their daughter Claudia. Along the way, many sharks eat people, and plenty of sharks are killed as well.

Sharknado 2: The Second One

The second movie came out in 2012 and is set in New York City. April is in the city with Fin promoting her new book when another freakish shark storm rolls in. This time, New Yorkers fight back with everything they got. Imagine waiting for a trail and getting hit by a wave of sharks? Imagine no more because it’s in this movie.

Sharknado 3: Oh, Hell No!

When Fin goes to the White House to get his award for his heroics in saving Los Angeles and New York City, his trip is ruined by another cyclone of sharks. This time the President Marcus Robbins, played by Mark Cuban, fights back with Fin. In the end, Fin has to go to space in order to kill the man-eating sharks. They end the film with a cliffhanger, leaving us to believe that April might be dead. A Twitter campaign was launched to let fans determine her faith.

Sharknado: The Fourth Awakening

After five years of shark-free land and space, the sharks return. From hailnado to lightningnado, to lavanado, these sharks seem to be everywhere, causing havoc in their way. In this 2016 movie, Fin and his team or family members are here to help and save the world, as always.

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

After Fin and his team accidentally deactivate an ancient device, a new wave of sharknado hit the world. This time there is nothing Fin and his team could do to stop it. The movie ends with Fin’s son Gil, taking his dad away to travel back in time and save the world.

The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time

Fin and his team are placed back in time for the franchise’s last movie to stop the first Sharknado from ever happening. This movie has it all, from fighting dinosaurs to saving Camelot to going back to the Wild West. In the end, Fin saves the world and goes back in time where he is a bar owner.

While these movies are irrelevant and un-relatable, they have humor, plenty of gory scenes, and celebrity cameos that we love. From Kelly Osbourne to Kelly Ripa and Steve Guttenberg, you’ll see them and many more in these funny SyFy movies.

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