When is Shark Week 2022?

Be the first to know the dates for Shark Week 2022... it's our favourite day of the year!

Do you know what the Shark Week 2022 Dates are this year?

Every year, around July or August, the Discovery Channel releases an exciting week-long series of shark content.

Since 1988, they have been releasing shark content to educate and correct people’s misconceptions about sharks. Every year the content gets better, the celebrities get more involved, and we learn a thing or two more about sharks.

Shark Week 2022 Dates

Discovery has finally released Shark Week 2022 dates!

We do know that this year SHARK WEEK 2022 IS JULY 24th!

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Everything You Need to Know About Shark Week 2022!

This is simply our favourite week of the year, and at We Love Sharks, we like to get prepared!

Check out these pages for all the information you need for this year’s Shark Week:

We Love Shark Week!

Over the decades, Discovery Channels Shark Week has gained a massive following of devoted fans, including the We Love Sharks team!

We wait all year for that one solid week where we can emerge ourselves in all-things sharks!

Shark Week 2021 dates and schedules included celebrity appearances from Tiffany Haddish, William Shatner and Sharknado’s Ian Ziering and Tara Reid. We can only imagine what new celebrities will be hosting 2022 Shark Week and if they will be swimming with the sharks.

While we don’t know when Shark Week is yet, we are sure it will contain fantastic shark content.

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82 Responses

  1. I have watched Shark week since it’s inception and would hate to miss it.
    Any way of getting informed as to when it will start in 2022?
    Would be much appreciated!
    Lori Noordergraaf

  2. I have emailed Discovery Channel asking for the dates, and they never respond! Wish they would tell us because we have a big party to plan!!!!! 🦈 🦈 🦈

    1. Exactly! Me too! I wish they would announce. It’s been so frustrating the last few years that they wait until the last minute. I have even considered betraying Discovery Channel and adopting National Geographic’s SharkFest Lol!

  3. I love SHARK WEEK! Sharks are harmed & missed treated for so many reasons that are wrong, it’s crazy! I wish people would take the time & learn more about the sharks! Number one on my bucket list, is to go cage diving with the great whites. So, this year or maybe next year(depending on when the best time to go is) I’m booking me a trip to Guadalupe Island to do just that! The bigger the sharks the better! So, when would be the best month to go do that?

  4. Love shark 🦈 week people need to have more respect for them and quit the senseless murdering of them

  5. learning more about sea/ocean mammals/fish is very helpful, if / when I go swim in ocean

    1. I look forward to shark week every year. I had no idea that Discovery has been doing it since 1988. I’ve learned so much. Thanks for the links to Shark Week events.

  6. I am so excited for Shark Week. Every time I face time with my granddaughter, she asks to talk about sharks.

  7. This is one of my favorite times of year- SHARK WEEK. I really enjoy watching everything about sharks. They are such awesome creatures!!

  8. Can’t wait for it to start. My granddaughters and great grandsons all are looking forward to it. My oldest great grandson is a shark “expert”. Has a room and walls full of them. Fascinating creatures.

  9. I had several questions in mind when I clicked on this article, but – they were ALL answered here! Thanks!

  10. This will be my first time watching Shark Week. Thank you for all the info and scheduling of shows.

  11. I love Shark week! I really enjoy watching the movies and everything about sharks. They are so interesting to learn about!

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