Swimmer Wounded in Shark Attack in Pacific Grove

A swimmer was wounded in a severe shark attack at Pacific Grove, Lovers Point Beach, California on Wednesday. Around 10:30am, beachgoers got a shock of their lives. A swimmer started screaming for help as the water around him turned red. As they watched in horror from the shoreline, two paddleboarders and a surf instructor came to the man’s rescue. 

The two paddle boarders, one a nurse and the other a police officer, were the first to come to Steve Bruemmer’s aid. At the beach, surf instructor Heath Braddock led a group of children to the water. He was helping the kids from Kansan appreciate the ocean when he saw Bruemmer, 62, screaming for help. In his quick reaction, he grabbed two surfboards and went swimming toward the wounded man. 

Once the three surfers were together, Heath came up with a plan. He and Paul Bandy, the police officer, placed Steve on the larger of the two boards. They told Steve to hold on to Heath’s ankle as he paddled to the shore. Once they reached the shore, other beachgoers came to assist.

Great White Shark Attack

The paramedics arrived shortly after and took over the victim’s shark attack wounds. Steve Bruemmer’s shark wound included areas on his abdomen, leg, and arm. According to a shark expert, the wound looks like one large shark bite, probably from a great white. Great white sharks are known for taking one bite at a victom. Once they realize that you’re not a sea lion or other fish, they swim away.

Bruemmer swims at the beach one to two times a week and feels lucky to be alive. He is thankful to his rescuers and doctors at Natividad Medical Center. 

The beaches along Pacific Grove were closed until Saturday due to Wednesday’s shark attack. The police used an aerial drone to monitor the water for shark activity. So far, there is no shark in sight.

People have nominated the three brave samaritans for American Red Cross Real Heroes Award.

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