London River Thriving With Three Different Sharks

Not too long ago, the London River was declared “biologically dead”. Today, this is not the case. Instead, it’s full of thriving oceanic life such as seahorses and eels. Three different sharks also live in this river; tope shark, starry smooth-hound sharks, and spurdog sharks. All of these species are either engendered or being over-fished.

Sixty four years later after the Thames River was declared dead, sharks are living in it! This gives hope to scientists and for our future. In order for the Thames River to continue to thrive, some things need to be addressed.

Thames river

First, the rising temperature and water level are causing concerns. The water levels in Silvertown has been rising .17 inches every year since 1990. This might seem like nothing but it’s a great concern to the ecosystem. The river’s temperature has also been increasing by .2 Celsius yearly.

Second, London’s Victorian sewer system needs to be addressed. The new sewer system will not be complete until 2025. Within those years, who knows what can happen to the three different sharks living in London.

Today, the London river is home to 115 species of fish and 92 species of bird. The river is also used for drinking water as well as protection from flooding. If we want the sharks to continue to thrive in this river, we must address climate change and sewer issue.

Right now, fisherman are encouraged to update the status of any sharks they accidentally catch. This will help scientists learn more about the species and as well as help them identify any issues or health concerns.

What do you think? Will the London river continue to flourish and provide a safe home for the three different sharks? We can only hope for the best and do our part to resolve climate change.

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