second shark attack in hawaii

Second Shark Attack in Hawaii in Five Days

Hawaii has had a second shark attack in less than a week. Last Thursday, a man and his wife were snorkeling when his wife was attacked. Her husband and witnesses on the beach saw a large shark about 50 yards from the shore. The husband also said that the shark passed by him and his wife was nowhere to be found. The 60-year-old Washington state woman was not seen by Friday, when the search efforts were called off.

On Tuesday morning, a 68-year-old man was attacked at Anaehoomalu Bay in Waikoloa. The shark attacked him on his lower left torso, 400 yards from the shore. While the man was swimming, he had his diving knife with him and used it to fight off the shark. He was taken to Queens North Hawaii Community Hospital by Hawai’i Fire Department for further treatment. The shark attack victim is reported to be stable and will be transported to Oahu.

Department of Land and Natural Resources of Hawaii believes the second shark attack culprit could have been a 12-foot tiger shark. Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement also saw a 10-12 foot tiger shark on Friday that could have killed the 60-year-old woman. DLNR did not release the names of the first or second shark attack victims. Shark sighting signs have been placed around the beach and resort properties to warn people.

second shark attack in hawaii

How to Avoid Shark Attacks

This year there have been 80 shark attacks worldwide. Forty-seven shark bites occurred in the USA, four in Hawaii. Two of the shark attacks were provoked. Avoid swimming in the early mornings or late evenings if going to the beach. Always have someone with you and stick close to the shore. If the water is murky or the visibility is low, avoid going in the water. While we are not a part of a shark’s diet, they don’t know that until they take a nice, chunky bite.

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