Two Deadly Shark Attacks in Egypt

On Friday, two women died in deadly shark attacks in Egypt. One of the victims was a 68 year-old Australian native, Elisabeth Sauer. She has been living in Egypt for the past five years with her Egyptian husband. The second shark attack victim was a Romanian tourist in her 40s. The two attacks happened hours between one another. They were also only 600 meters from one another. It’s unclear whether the same Mako shark was involved in both accidents.

According to eye witnesses the Mako shark attacked the woman while she was swimming. Those on the bridge watching in horror trying to help her by tossing her a floatation device. Sauer lost an arm and a leg in the deadly shark attack in Egypt. Tourists said that there were not enough lifeguards on the beach to help the woman in time.

The Egyptian Ministry of Environment released a statement apologizing to the victims family. They have formed a team of specialist to try to determine what happened and why. They hope to find a scientific reason as to why the shark attacked these victims.

Shark attacks in Egypt are few in between. In 2020 two shark attacks were recorded. One was a 12 year old who lost an arm and the other a tour guide who lost a leg while snorkeling.

Governor Major General Amr Hanafi has suspended all water activities around the vicinity for three days. Some things that can keep you safe in shark infested waters include:

  • Wearing a shark deterrent like Sharkbanz
  • Swimming close to shore
  • Making sure that lifeguards are on duty

So far, this year there have already been over 30 shark attacks. Six of these attacks were deadly shark attacks, and the summer has just begun.

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  1. So we need life guards WHERE ??
    So we need to swim close to shore WHERE???
    Why not say where this happened ????

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