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City of Fremantle Shark Fishing Ban

On famous beaches in Australia, sharks are on the rise but so is shark fishing. The city of Fremantle hopes the ban on fishing sharks will help solve the problem. Right now, anglers lure and kill sharks close to the beaches. The blood, in turn, attracts more sharks, and the cycle continues.

Last November, Paul Millachip was fatally attacked in Port Beach. Eyewitnesses watched in horror as he disappeared into the redness, only leaving his goggles behind. Since his death, his wife has been afraid to go back into the water. She stated that since her husband’s death, she has only gone swimming a handful of times. Previously, she and her husband would go for a run and a swim at least three times a week.

Mrs. Millachip did not like what she saw at the beach where her husband was killed. Fishers deliberately entice and kill sharks where people are trying to swim. She is one of many people excited about the shark fishing ban in Fremantle and surrounding beach areas. She hopes that the ban would help people and sharks live in better harmony.

Shark Fishing Ban

The city council took people’s concerns seriously and wanted a permanent solution for the future. The state government also took charge of the issue and has banned fishing gear wire traces. These are mainly used in fishing sharks. Anyone that is caught using the gear faces a $1,000 fine, and their gear confiscated. Spear guns, blood lures, metal wires and chain rigs are prohibited.

Fisheries Minister Don Punch is not pleased with how fishers kill tiger sharks in the area. Luring and killing them close to the beach was putting people at risk. A ban on wire traces can help reduce shark killings but fishers have other ways of doing it. A more permanent solution would be to ban shark fishing on all beaches. The City of Fremantle listened to its community and issued a shark fishing ban. The ban covers Port, Leighton, Bathers and South beaches.

Port Beach Polar Bear member Ian Brown said that he is ecstatic about the ban. His members swim every morning at the beach and are feeling safer already. The shark fishing ban covers City of Fremantle, City of Cockburn and the Town of Cottesloe, in case you were looking to vacation there.

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