nibbles jr at bear hill

Hiking Bear Hill Preserve With Shark Mascot “Nibbles Jr”

Today Nibbled Jr explored a new trail with beautiful views at Bear Hill Preserve.

If you’re ever in Cragsmoor, NY, check out this trail by Sam’s point. Please note that if you’re going to Sam’s Point this year on the weekend or holiday, you need to make a reservation for the parking. Bear Hill Nature preserve parking lot is smaller and can fill a handful of cars. Please don’t park on the side of the road since it’s private property.

At the entrance at Bear Hill Preserve, you can choose to donate. Nibbles Jr was eager to do this for us. If the cabinet is open at the gate, there is a person inside, and they will ask you to sign a waiver and make a contribution. We came early, and no one was there.

Bear Hill trail is beautiful and very easy to follow. You can take the old path or the new one; they intersect and go to Cliff trail. The short walk was easy, and the cliff views were spectacular. Everything was close, and we could tell which road was which. You can even see the casino from here.

Large Boulders and Views

Nibbles Jr explored the rocks at the cliff, going up and down until he found the views he liked. Bear Hill Preserve is a great place to come and relax or bring a lunch date. Maybe next time, Jr will arrive on a date with Luna. Just make sure that you carry it out if you’re carrying it in as well. We found two water bottles and a liquor bottle on the trail and took them. Every day is Earth Day so make sure to keep our trails clean!

Come here if you’ve never been to Bear Hill Preserve or Sam’s point parking is full! The walk is straight with a tiny uphill. The views are beautiful and closer than Sam’s point.

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