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Sable the Great White Pinged Near Florida Keys

On Tuesday, around 9 PM, Sable, the great white shark, was pinged near the Florida keys.

Should people start to panic? Probably not. There are no seals to eat in Florida, for one. And, it’s common for sharks to travel through Florida during winter.

Sable, the great white shark, was tagged by OCEARCH on September 13, 2021, in Nova Scotia. At the time of the tagging, Sable was around 11.5 feet long and 800 pounds.

When the shark was trapped, the group of scientists could perform 24 different tests on her in 15 minutes. This shows the expertise and success of the Ocearch team.

Sable has travelled over 3,000 miles from Nova Scotia to Florida since September. This is common during winters, but it’s impressive to see in real-time.

Thanks to the Ocearch app we’re all able to check the status of Sable and other sharks that the team has tagged.

So far, Sable is not near the shore and there is no need for panic. The last ping of Sable the great white was on February 2, 2022, at 10:23 PM.

While you could imagine her nibbling on your leg while you swim, it most definitely will not happen.

Instead, we should all be excited that great white sharks are back and rising in numbers. Not too long ago, they were endangered and disappearing before our eyes.

While these sharks are not safe yet, it’s great to see them migrating worldwide. The next step for Ocearch is to find where the great whites come together to mate.

Once we know this, we can help protect those areas better.

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