Decrease Shark Attacks with Sharkbanz

Anglers and water lovers are getting hooked on the Sharkbanz.

This tiny technology is an excellent way for people and anglers to enjoy the sea without worrying about the shark.

When it comes to shark-prone waters, swimming can be scary. This can all change if you have a device that you can easily attach to your leg to deter predators.

Who doesn’t want to swim in the ocean without feeling paranoid that something will pull them underwater?

This device should be standard if you’re swimming, surfing, or fishing in shark-prone waters.

Magnetic Shark Deterrent

This magnetic shark deterrent by Zepplin is an excellent investment, easy to use, and requires no complicated setup. This device works by sending electromagnetic fields that the shark does not like or recognize as food.

The device will make the shark stop and move away from the magnetic technology.

This tool can save them a lot of hassle and fish for the fisherman. Every year we kill 70,000,000 sharks, but we can reduce that with this device.

Most times, if fishers catch sharks on the fishing line, they will take it. Some anglers hate sharks because they eat their catch or bite the fish.

With a Zepplin device, you can catch up to 70% more fish and avoid seeing sharks every hour.

While Sharkbanz will not deter every shark, it does a great job of reducing shark attacks. The Sharkbanz 2 is for beachgoers, surfers, and marine biologists. You place the device on your ankle and go about your swimming way.

Surfers worldwide enjoy the magnetic device and don’t go in the water without it.

If you want to catch fish and not sharks, or if you want extra safety in the water, this device is for you!

Whether you love or hate sharks, this small tool can prevent unnecessary shark killings and reduce deadly shark attacks.

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