Waterfall Wednesday Hike With our Shark Mascot Nibbles Jr

For waterfall Wednesday, we took Nibbles Jr to Mullet Brook Falls. It was his first adventure with us, and he didn’t know what to expect. The goal was also to grab any trash that we saw to keep the trails clean.

We took the regular blue trail into the woods and followed it to the bridge. We enjoyed a long break at the bridge and the gushing water running under our feet. After the long break, we continued to the trail and followed the red path left at the intersection. This section is rocky and narrow, so be careful where you step.

You’ll see a new yellow sign for the falls to your left. Before the new signs, many people would miss the waterfall completely. Hopefully, it’s easier for them to find it now. Once at the waterfall, Nibbles Jr was impressed. He even enjoyed going down a small stream that looked like his own mini waterfall.

After many videos and photos, we headed back, following the red trail and completing a circle. Many people take the red trail first, not knowing it’s all uphill. If you don’t want to have an exhausting hike, follow the blue trail and come down the red path as we did.

We picked up a plastic bag full of spices when we returned to the car. The bag smell was enticing to us, so imagine how good it smells to bears and other wildlife. We also found a trekking pole stick cap and took that with us. There was also a beer can, but someone took it before we did.

Overall, this was a great waterfall Wednesday hike with Nibbles Jr. The original Nibbles came here a year ago and enjoyed flipping around under the falls. The tradition must go on with Junior.

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