The Best Educational Shark Toys for Kids

Most parents can relate with the challenge of keeping kids entertained yet informed at the same time. Why not try shark toys? Here's our review of the best educational shark toys available in the market.

Summer vacations may be a time of fun and games for children, but it can be quite challenging for parents to keep their kids occupied.

A great solution for this little problem is to give your child toys that will keep them entertained and put their minds to work at the same time. If you’re looking for some unique yet fun educational toys, consider educational shark toys for kids.

These toys will not only help your child learn more about sharks, but they will keep them occupied with fun activities for hours guaranteed.

We have carefully studied some of such toys available in the market and below is our review of the best 5 educational shark toys for kids.

The Best 5 Educational Shark Toys For Kids.

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1. National Geographic Readers: Shark

A perfect educational toy for kids aged 6-9, this shark book features cool photos that help introduce the child to the world of sharks. The shark in the book is described as a fish who ruled the sea even before the dinosaurs existed. It explains the physical attributes of a shark and also shows how this fish can glide, twist and turn before he gulps his prey.

Also, the information in this book will raise your child’s curiosity about sharks and encourage them to read more about the fish. Additionally, the book includes some great quality photos about nature, animals, and science.

This book can be a perfect gift for young shark lovers.


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2. 4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model

A great toy for any shark lover, this shark anatomy model is educational as well as engaging. It’s a 13-inch-long great white shark model with finely detailed sculpting, and hand painted parts. The model has 20 detachable organs and body parts and comes with a display platform.

Interestingly, the body is transparent, and the shark’s bones and organs can be removed and placed back as the child learns about the physical anatomy of this fish. This educational shark toy for kids includes a description of the physical anatomy along with a few fun questions/answers to test the user’s knowledge.

After using the toy, your child will not only understand the inner workings of the shark, but it will pique his/her interest in the natural world.


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3. Smithsonian Sharks Perfect Cast Museum Craft Kit

An ideal toy for a more creatively inclined kid, this shark museum craft kit promises to keep your child busy while you engage in other duties.

This kit is designed to combine creativity, learning, and discovery. As a result of that, this hands-on toy will allow your child embark on an exciting artistic journey combining a unique and relevant subject matter with vibrant imagery.

Features include a perfect cast mix, paint and paint brushes, mold trays, display easel, background display poster, crayons, glue and a fun activity book. Also, this shark educational toy can serve as a great option for parents looking for fun and interesting indoor activities for their kids.


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4. Shark Tooth Dig Kit

Another great shark educational toy for girls and boys, the shark tooth dig kit allows children dig and investigate fossils from three different shark species.

The science kit includes an archaeological digging tool, magnifying glass, a shark-themed digging brick with three fossilized shark teeth (each tooth from a different shark species). Also included is a full-color learning guide. Kids will have a blast as they discover and identify teeth of crow sharks, sand tiger and otodus, and learn all about the underwater world of sharks. This shark toy is best for children aged 6 to 15 years who have an interest in fossils, sharks, and science.

What’s more, this kit is designed to inspire future marine biologists or archaeologists with its exciting digging adventures.


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5. Sharks 100 piece Jigsaw puzzle

Which parent can forget the fun of a good jigsaw puzzle when they were kids themselves? Certainly, jigsaw puzzles remain one of best educational toys across all categories of toys that you can buy for children. And this one is no exception.

It features 100% safe, nontoxic, recyclable, vegetable ink printed puzzles. The pack has 100 pieces of jigsaw puzzles that will encourage learning about over 20 different shark species. The educational puzzles for each species are of the right size allowing even a preschool or young age school kid to put them together without getting overwhelmed and frustrated.

Assembling the puzzles will not only help improve picture recognition abilities and fine motor skills but will also promote both independent and group play.

Educational shark toys for children can be both fun and educational. However, when buying shark toys it is always good to choose the one that works best for your child based on his particular interests.

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