Beached Mako Shark on Pensacola beach Rescued

On Thursday, a couple from Texas helped rescue a beached Mako shark on Pensacola beach. The couple, Tina and Josh Fey, were celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary at Pensacola beach when they spotted a shark. It swam to the shoreline at a fast speed and ended up breaching itself. Since Josh is a fisherman, he has seen plenty of sharks and is not scared to come to its aid. Along with a few other beachgoers they were able to help the beaches mako shark get back into the water.

Mako Shark Rescue

In her interview, Tina Fey states that they called lifeguards and ‘wildlife people’ but they were unable to do anything. This is the reason that her husband tried to aid the beached shark. In the short video, her husband Josh and two others surround the shark by its tail and try to drag it back in the water. The shark jerks uncontrollably and the crowd steps out of the water.

The small crew returned to the water and tried again to push the shark into deeper water. But again she began flapping in the water. Tina Few is heard saying, “Babe! It’s too dangerous! Don’t be doing that.” Yet, Josh Fey stayed in the water by the shark.
As the crowd moves away, Josh Fey attempts for the third time to push the shark into the water. This time he is successful. He helped turn the shark on her stomach and waited for her to start moving away. In the background, you can hear a woman say that the shark is dead while others correct her and tell her it’s not. This is when the shark realizes it’s free and swims away into deeper water.

While this was a successful beached shark rescue, you should never attempt to do this on your own. Josh Fey said that he is thankful that the other beachgoers stepped in to help him rescue the shark.

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