Video of a Tiger Shark Biting a Paddle Board

Have you seen the recent video by Brodie Moss, where a tiger shark bites his paddleboard?

The YBS Youngbloods clothing company creator and nature vlogger has shared numerous shark and whale videos. None are as interactive and intense as this one.

In the short clip, Brodie is on his paddle board watching as a tiger shark circles around him and the sea turtle.

Brodie Moss is on his paddleboard between the turtle and tiger shark in the video. The shark starts chasing the turtle, who manages to manoeuvre his way out of being lunch.

As the turtle slips away under the board, the tiger shark launches at the board. Once the shark bit the board, it sent the YouTube star into the water.

Thankfully, the 30-year-old star was unharmed. He wrote in his shared post: “A humbling reminder for myself that it’s their ocean and I’m just a visitor! I love sharks and this little accident was not the big fellas fault.”

Tiger sharks are known for eating anything that comes their way. These sharks can eat turtles, crabs, shellfish, sea snakes, birds, and small sharks.

Or, in Brodie Moss’ case, his paddleboard.

This incident has not stopped the young ocean lover from doing what he loves. It did remind him that he is not invincible. Maybe his next project should be inventing a shark-proof board.

What would you do if you saw a tiger shark under you? Can you even imagine a shark biting your board and knocking you into the water?

Even if you’re a strong swimmer, the incident can make you confused and panicked.

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