Shark Attacks Woman on Pool Ring

Imagine that you’re at the beach and see a shark attacking a woman on a pool ring.

This is what happened last Sunday, February 6th, in Esperance, Australia. Barry Brown witnessed this shark attack and helped the woman out of the water.

According to him, the woman on the pool ring kept drifting further away from the shore. After half an hour of being 650 feet away from the shoreline is when the shark attacked.

The shark attacked the woman, knocking her off the pool ring and into the deep water. After circling the pool ring a few times, it swam away.

The woman managed to swim back towards the shoreline, where Barry Brown and other onlookers were able to help. She left a trail of blood in the water and was taken to the hospital by Brown, where she is recovering.

Western Australia’s Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development Shark Response Unit made sure that the beaches in the area were closed on Monday. The authorities have also recovered the women’s pool ring.

While the shark was not identified, it could have been a Great White, tiger, or bull. All three are present in the area. Later in the day, a 10.8 foot long great white shark was spotted.

Last year, Australia had 12 unprovoked shark attacks, three of which were fatal. Several things, including Covid, could cause this or that white sharks often feed on seals here.

Don’t go too far from the shore whenever you are in waters where sharks are known to be.

Even if you’re a strong swimmer, a shark is faster and stronger, and one bite can be fatal.

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