fatal shark attack at Château-Royal beach

Another Fatal Shark Attack in Australia

On Sunday, there was a fatal shark attack in New Caledonia, Australia. According to the witnesses at Château-Royal beach, the 59-year-old man was swimming 150 meters from the shore by the pontoon when the attack happened. The shark bit the man on his leg and arms while swimmers panicked and left the water. Two people on jet skis took the man to the shore, where CPR was performed. Unfortunately, the man died at the scene due to his multiple bites and blood loss.

Noumea City Council said, “Swimming and nautical activities are closed in a 300-meter coastal band until further notice.” According to the paramedic, Dr. Vincent Ouradou, the man had three bites on his arms and leg.

While the shark was not identified, many suspect it could have been a tiger shark. Over 100 species occupy Australian water, bull sharks and tiger sharks being the closest to the beach. This is also the second shark attack at Château-Royal beach. In January, a 49-year-old woman was attacked by a bull shark but survived the ordeal.

This is the third fatal shark attack of this year. The last deadly shark attack occurred earlier this month when the 16-year-old girl, Stella Berry, jumped to swim with the dolphins. She was unaware there was a shark in there as well. The girl came with severe injuries and also died at the scene. The first fatal shark attack was in Mexico, where a great white shark decapitated a 19-year-old diver.

Before this, the last fatal shark attack in Australia was in November of 2021, when a great white shark attacked a 57-year-old swimmer.

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