Shark Attack at Avoca Beach

In New South Wales, a shark attack at Avoca beach happened on Wednesday morning. The incident occurred around 7 am and led to beach closures at Avoca and North Avoca beaches. The unidentified surfer “sustained a wound to his right lower forearm,” according to the Central Coast Council. The boy went home before calling the paramedics to take him to the hospital. He was treated at Gosford Hospital and discharged by noon.

The New South Wales Department of Primary Industries shark biologists observed the teenager’s injuries and surfboard. They determined that a white shark caused the shark attack at Avoca beach. The Avoca beaches were closed shortly after the shark attack. Later, a drone was deployed to surveillance the waters for the shark.

This year there have been eleven shark attacks in New South Wales. Only one of them was fatal. The deadly shark attack happened on February 16th, in Little Bay Beach. A 35 year-old dive instructor Simon Nellist of UK, was the victim.

The shark attack at Avoca is a reminder that you should not be in the water alone. Swimmers and surfers should avoid early water activities. Sharks are more active at dusk and dawn when it’s harder to see them. Please avoid going in the water if no one is at the beach. While sharks prefer fish and seals over us, they can’t determine if you’re a friend or prey until they get too close. Another thing we need to avoid is to splash in the water. Splashing attracts sharks to us because that’s what their prey does.

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