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Are You Ready For Land Shark?

If you love the Sharknado movies, then you’ll love Land Shark!

This 2020 Asian movie is coming to DVD in the states on May 10, 2022. Instead of flying sharks coming from a tornado, this shark jumps out of the water and is comfortable on land.

The shark is okay on the ground, and it’s hungry for humans. While this is not the first Landshark movie and certainly not the last, it has the potential to have a big audience.

The “Landshark” character was first used on Saturday Night Live in the fall of 1975. What happened in 1975 you ask? The movie Jaws was released, and this was SNL’s response to the hysteria.

Since then, the phrase has been used in film, video games, and even television shows like Gilmore Girls.

What would we do if there was a shark on land that looked like a massive angry dog with rabies?

If you love special effects, dramatic shots, and over-the-top action, the Land Shark movie is for you. This 2020 movie is about a biopharmaceutical company experimenting on a shark for cancer purposes. The shark is tested with human DNA to help create a cure to end cancer.

As all good shark movies go, the shark escapes and causes havoc to the lab. Its next destination is conquering the land. Not only can this shark hunt on land, but it can also burrow through the ground like earthworms.

While the movie has some questionable CGI it has plenty of action and destruction. It might not make you laugh as much as Sharknado movies did, but if you like dramatic, over-the-top science fiction movies, you’ll enjoy this one.

And if not, you have plenty of other films to try, such as Snow Monster or 3 Header Shark Attack.

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