When is Shark Week 2021?

When is Shark Week 2021?

UPDATE: Shark Week 2022 is here!

The Latest Update for Shark Week 2021 News

We are happy to announce the official Shark Week 2021 Schedule!

There has been a lot of excitement already about Shark Week 2021, and we’ve just learned the official dates.

Initially, we were told that it would be in August, but it will be a month earlier! Mark your calendar because Shark Week 2021 starts on Sunday, July 11th and will last until Sunday, 18th of July.

Can you believe this is the 33rd Shark Week! How long have you been watching?

This year, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of celebrities, including the cast of Jackass, Tiffany Haddish and William Shatner, as they explore the world of sharks. Discovery will also have a week-long Livestream on TikTok and offer a fun filter for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Bob the Shark will also host the first-ever “JAWscers”, where viewers can vote for their favourite shark moments.

Our Shark Mascot is Getting Ready for Shark Week!

What’s Happening during Shark Week 2021

This summer, you’ll learn even more about sharks in a fun and exciting way through the Shark Academy docu-series and Josh Gates Tonight! We will even get to see the first in utero camera of a pregnant Tiger Shark! Shark Week 2021 is going to be full of exciting and new discoveries that help us understand these remarkable creatures that roam the oceans. 

Shark Week 2021 Starts in:

  • 39Days
  • 11Hours
  • 9Minutes
  • 51Seconds

The best part of shark week is watching the new series, shark documentaries and biting our nails as people get too close to them. Last year we got to watch Will Smith and his family swim in the water with the sharks… if a celebrity can do it, so can we.

Or, we could just sit back on our couches and enjoy the scene!

Official Shark Week 2021 Dates

Sunday 11th of July 2021 to Sunday 18th of July 2021

We can’t wait for Shark Week 2021!

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We are flying into the 33rd Shark Week!

shark week 2021 countdown

Our Shark Week Videos are Coming Soon!

How did Shark Week start?

Steven Spielberg might have helped spread the love and interest of sharks when his movie, Jaws, was released in 1975. It also terrified a lot of us and stopped many from entering the deep waters. I know that whenever I go into the sea for a little dip, I think that there is a shark swimming right under me. This makes me panic and I start swimming back to the shore.

Needless to say, I now prefer lakes and rivers.

In the 1980s, Discovery writers got together in a bar and wrote the idea of “Shark Week” on a napkin. Usually, drinking in a bar and coming up with ideas doesn’t lead to much, but they sure hit the goldmine with this one!

Since July 1988, we’ve been enjoying the nail-biting experiences and here at We Love Sharks, we can’t get enough. Every year we get to learn more about these amazing creatures that we love and are terrified of at the same time. This week-long event has helped us understand sharks more and bring awareness to vulnerable and endangered species.

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Check out some of our early images, banners and memes for Shark Week below.

We will be sharing these and more on our We Love Sharks Facebook Page soon – make sure you join us!

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  1. Shark week is awesome. I get to watch alot of shark 🦈 movies and even portrayed as mean they are majestic creatures.

  2. Such a fascinating yet terrifying creature! Especially now that I have a young son who is already a beach bum & I have witnessed them here in the FL waters – more than once! They certainly demand respect — and a certain level of awe!

  3. Omg we love shark week!! The kids are fascinated by them and the stories are so rivetingit’s a win win

  4. I wonder if people eat shark meat and if so what does it taste like. You would certainly get alot of servings from one shark

  5. In the late 90’s my son was attacked by a nurse shark off the Florida Keys. We went to the ER with the shark attached to his chest as they could not get it to unlock it’s jaw. The staff said the shark doesn’t usually come to the hospital. My son was perfectly fine. Glad it was a nurse shark rather than any other kind.

  6. Hi Rosanne that is a great story and we are happy your son was ok!

We would love to share your story on our blog if you would like. Do you have any more info and photos?

  7. Me and my grand kids watch Shark week and we love to learn all about sharks!

  8. I love Shark Week. They are truly fascinating creatures. I often find myself rooting for the seals though.

  9. I don’t know who gave you this information but I work in the cable industry and I work closely with Discovery and their family of networks. They have not confirmed any dates with anyone including mtself but all information they have been able to share with me is that Shark Week 2021 is happening in early July. Also you do know that Shark Week runs Sunday to Sunday every year and your dates are Monday to Monday right??? Your dates are the exact same as last year. Keep your false narrative if you want and we’ll see who’s right.

  10. Sharks may terrify me but they are so beautiful. I really want to get a watercolour shark tattoo one day <3

  11. I have always had a strange fascination with sharks that’s why I love shark week!

  12. Many people fear it for its teeth or something in particular but sharks are fascinating

  13. The ocean’s sea creatures are the most fascinating species to ever live even sea urchins believe it or not.

  14. Once upon a time there was the ancient shark Carchardon megalodon or Carchalocles megalodon. Its jaws were bigger than the length of a human. It lived about 23 to 2.6 million years ago from the early Miocene to the end of the Pliocene period. But..in 1942 a U Boat near CapeTown supposedly snapped a picture of one.

  15. Not a fan of sharks but I will watch & give it a try.. Hey who knows.. I might just change my opinion on sharks 🤔

  16. These are last year’s dates. Shark Week runs Sunday to Sunday and these dates for 2021 are Monday to Monday. These are wrong. They are just happy to get you here to their site.

  17. Shark Week 2021 is July 11-18. Told you so. 

  18. I luv 🦈 week and I luv sharks and other sea creatures. Shark week reminds me to stay outta the Waters ☺️🍻🍺🍿thank you 🦈 week 🥰

  19. I’m super stoked for Shark Week yet again. I have thousands of shark teeth and I’m a huge fan and collector!

  20. I was really surprised to see Mike Tyson on one episode. He’s a pig but I still enjoy shark week.

  21. Sharks are so misunderstood. I love shark week mainly so people can see what sharks are really like.

  22. I wrote my own Tweet regarding #sharkweek
    Shark Week. I can’t wait until August 2021
    I will sink my teeth into this program!! 🦈

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