When is Shark Week 2021?

We are already excited for that time of the year again and everyone is asking when is Shark Week 2021?

Shark Week 2021 Starts in:


The best part of shark week is watching the new series, shark documentaries and biting our nails as people get too close to them. Last year we got to watch Will Smith and his family swim in the water with the sharks… if a celebrity can do it, so can we.

Or, we could just sit back on our couches and enjoy the scene!

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Every year we wait for Discovery Channel to release the dates and lineup for the shark event of the year.

Here is what we have all been waiting for for.. the dates for Shark Week 2021!

Shark Week 2021 starts on Monday, August 9th and ends on Sunday, August 16th.

We can’t wait for Shark week 2021!
shark week 2021 countdown

Shark Week 2021 is coming to a Smart Device near you in August

shark week 2021

How did Shark Week start?

Steven Spielberg might have helped spread the love and interest of sharks when his movie, Jaws, was released in 1975. It also terrified a lot of us and stopped many from entering the deep waters. I know that whenever I go into the sea for a little dip, I think that there is a shark swimming right under me. This makes me panic and I start swimming back to the shore. Needless to say, I prefer lakes and rivers.

In the 1980s, Discovery writers got together in a bar and wrote the idea of “Shark Week” on a napkin. Usually, drinking in a bar and coming up with ideas doesn’t lead to much, but they sure hit the goldmine with this one!

Since July 1988, we’ve been enjoying the nail-biting experiences and here at We Love Sharks, we can’t get enough. Every year we get to learn more about these amazing creatures that we love and are terrified of, at the same time. This week-long event has helped us understand sharks more and bring awareness to the vulnerable and endangered species.

While we don’t know the lineup for Shark Week 2021 we know it will be exciting and we will do plenty of laughing and crying in between.

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when does shark week 2021 start
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