Tiger Shark Attacks in Long Island

This week there were more tiger shark attacks in Long Island. On Wednesday morning, a surfer was in the water near Smith Point Beach. The shark attacked his leg, knocking him over his board. The 41 year old, Shawn Donnely, said “I put my board between me and it, it went underneath me, I slapped it and it was gone. I went straight for the beach and rode a wave straight in.” A park ranger helped Donnely out of the water and called 911. The shark left a four inch gash on his leg but no life threatening injuries.

Hours later around 6PM, another tiger shark attack occurred at Seaview Beach. The 49 year old from Arizona was standing in waist-deep water when a shark came behind him. The shark bit him on left wrist and buttocks. He was able to walk out of the water without further incident. The man was taken to Stony Brook University Hospital via police helicopter and is expected to survive.

Tiger Shark Attack Prevention

Since June 30th, this are the fourth and fifth shark attack in Long Island. Two lifeguards and another victim were attacked within days of one another. Both lifeguards were playing the victim in the water when they were attacked by the shark.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone said that we should expect this to be our new normal. Sharks are coming closer to the shores but are not causing serious or life threatening injuries to cause concern. Bellone recommends the following to swimmers:

  • Stay out of water when lifeguards are off duty
  • Avoid entering water during dusk and dawn
  • Avoid wearing shiny jewelry
  • Don’t go in water if you’re bleeding

Tiger sharks stay close to shore during feeding and juvenile years. Most of their attacks are non-fetal.

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