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The Shark Tracking App by OCEARCH

Did you know that there is a shark tracking app? Well, now you do!

Thanks to Ocearch, we can track sharks all over the world. Not only does this help scientists, but it also helps us.

The Ocearch app is a great way to give yourself peace of mind if you’re afraid of sharks. This app can let you check your favourite beaches for shark activities.

More commonly for shark lovers, this is a great way to learn more about sharks’ behaviour and migration patterns. The amount of shark data is fascinating!

The application is free to install on your mobile device and easy to use. This is one app that people will love and use, especially if you are a shark lover.

What is OCEARCH?

Ocearch is a nonprofit organization that helps collect data on ocean life and tags various species. The organization has a team of 200 scientists who have helped tag over 400 animals around the globe.

Since 2007 this large vessel has been helping collect data by tracking sharks such as the great white shark, tiger and hammerhead.

In 2010, Ocearch released a new show on NatGeo called “Shark Men”. With the show, people worldwide got to witness shark tagging and the process that goes into it.

In 2012 a second tv show called Shark Wranglers was released. The show was to document their journey to tag 50 sharks in 40 days.

Ocearch’s main reason for releasing the Global Shark Tracker V1 in 2012 was to show inclusiveness and share their findings with everyone.

The app allowed for real-time tracking so that everyone got the same information simultaneously.

With this awesome shark tracking app, scientists can:

  • Track shark’s whereabouts and health
  • Identify shark patterns and migrations
  • Track mating hot spots

For the rest of us, tracking sharks around the globe is fun and educational. We can learn a lot about their movements and improve our knowledge of their migrating habits.

In 2012 a teacher invited the Ocearch team to meet her class and see how they use the tracker to learn math and science.

Together with Landry’s inc program writers, they created a K-8 STEM curriculum.  Students learn everything from fractions to shark anatomy and the impact of pollution on the ocean’s ecosystem.

OCEARCH shark tracking app is great even if you want to use it for tracking shark activity in your area.

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