mako shark jumps on a boat

Mako Shark Jumps on a Fishing Boat

An incredible video goes viral where a shortfin mako shark jumps on a fishing boat. The incident happened on Saturday in New Zealand on a fishing boat with five guests on board. The group was out off Whitianga looking to catch kingfish but got something else.

The boat was charted by captain Ryan Churches who couldn’t believe what had happened. They were fishing when a mako shark took the bait. The captain warned the people on board to move out of the way if the fish leaped on the boat. As they watched the rod and fishing line move to the side of the boat, the mako shark jumped on the fishing boat.

Everyone on board was shocked as the mako shark stayed at the front of the boat with its jaw wide open. Since mako sharks have sharp teeth and jump around viciously, the captain did not try to remove it from the bow. While the video cuts off, Churches said they dropped the anchor a bit so the shark could free itself. This worked as the mako shark started tossing itself again and moving into the water through the bow rail.

According to the captain, the mako shark was on the bow for about two minutes. He also believes it’s about 8-9 feet long and over 300 pounds.

Shortfin Mako sharks are the fastest-moving sharks that can reach speeds of 46mph. These sharks are endangered due to climate change, pollution, and overfishing. What would you do if a mako shark jumps on a boat you’re on? Would you try to push it off?

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