florida man beating a shark with hammer

Florida Man Beating a Shark With Hammer Video

A disturbing video of a Florida man beating a shark with a hammer has been released. The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon at Bicentennial Beach Park. The video footage from the Harbour House Oceanfront’s 24/7 live surf camera showed two men in the video. In the video, two men are seen around a shark, presumably a hammerhead. The man in the purple shirt appears to remove the hook from the shark’s mouth and proceeds to hit it in the head with a hammer repeatedly. After repeatedly beating the shark with a hammer, he drags it to the ocean.

After the ocean pushes the shark back to the shore, he drags it back a little further. The third time the man takes it deeper, and the shark disappears from the shoreline. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is looking into the incident but has not released the man’s name. Another fisherman, Ken Wells, who has seen the man before, said, “I don’t know that he did anything wrong if he’s keeping the shark and eating it. But if he’s not and he’s just killing it, then that would be another problem.”

This incident comes just months after the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission investigated another incident. A woman recorded two fishermen at New Smyrna Beach shore dragging and stabbing a shark on shore. According to the FWC the men did nothing wrong. The video was disturbing to the woman and non-anglers, but the men did nothing wrong. They harvested the shark, and one of the men said, “I’m taking it to eat and feed my family.”

Shore-based Shark Fishing permit

In Florida, you need to have a Shore-based Shark Fishing permit to catch and/or release sharks. The permit is required for anyone 16 and older, allowing them to catch one shark daily. FWC did not mention if the two men in either of the videos have this permit.

It’s disturbing to know that people kill sharks inhumanely and then throw them back into the ocean as if they don’t matter. I’m sure that this Florida man beating a shark with a hammer is not the first or last time we will see something so violent and disturbing. Do you think the man in the video should be charged for killing the shark and throwing it back into the ocean?

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