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SRS Cinema Presents Doll Shark Movie

When you think you’ve seen it all, SRS Cinema and Mark Polonia and his son Anthony Polonia decide to release a Doll Shark movie. Since we have seen flying sharks, tornado sharks, puppet sharks, and even a Santa shark, why not throw in a Doll Shark? If you like crazy shark fiction and sci-fi movies, you will love this one. It even has its own shark theme song! 

Doll Shark Movie Plot

A shark hunter, Brock Banner, buys his son, Kirby, a plush shark toy. Kirby is a huge fan of Sea Shark Swim, an online music video, and loves his new toy! The father did not tell him that he put a great-white shark tooth inside the plush toy as a good luck charm. Instead of luck, the plush doll shark toy becomes possessed by the evil spirit of the great white Brock killed. This small plush shark causes havoc and bloody massacres on everyone it doesn’t like. Doesn’t this sound like a nice kids’ movie? 

According to Mark Polonia, he thinks the movie will be popular with young audience members and adults. He loved working with his son on this project for SRS Cinema and thwey were able to raise the small budget funds by June of last year. I suppose people want to see a plush toy come to life. 

A movie about a cute plush toy that turns deadly might not appeal to all, but those that love low-budget shark horror movies will greatly appreciate it. After watching this movie, you might think twice about cuddling with your favorite plush animal. 

This insane Doll Shark movie will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on April 23rd of this year. Will you be purchasing a copy of Doll Shark? What are your thoughts on this stuffed animal horror movie? 

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