dead smalltooth sand tiger shark

Rare Smalltooth Sand Tiger Shark Beheaded in Hampshire UK

A rare smalltooth sand tiger shark washed ashore on Lepe beach in Hampshire on Friday. Alisha Openshaw, 38, a hairdresser, saw the shark on the beach, struggling. At the beach with her kids, she waited for someone to help the shark. The help did not come, so she decided to do something. Openshaw helped push it back into deeper water and stated that the shark swam away.

Missing Smalltooth Sand Tiger Shark Head

Dan Snow was in Hampshire for Mother’s Day when he saw the shark. He posted a picture on Twitter at 1:35 PM, saying, “So I’m as shark positive as the next woke dude but what in the hell is this fish that just washed up on my local beach where I regularly swim without a care in the world?” He immediately got a lot of feedback on his post, begging him to secure the shark and keep it safe. When he finally got the right team to help him secure the shark for examination, is was too late. The rare smalltooth sand tiger shark was beheaded with a missing tail and fin. By 9 PM, Snow’s team took what remained of the shark so scientists could examine and study it.

It’s not every day that scientists get to see this incredibly rare and vulnerable shark, especially not in UK. The historian and podcast host released a video begging people to bring back the head so scientists could study it. He posted the video saying, “It is not illegal to take parts from dead fish washed ashore so there’s no judging but if you took the head please get in touch, let the scientists have a look and then it’s yours to keep.”

The historian has hunted down Egyptian artifacts and even looked for Nazi gold in the past, but his new mission is to find the decapitated shark parts. If anyone knows anything about the missing shark parts, please inform the authorities or contact Dan Snow on Twitter. Again, no one will get in trouble for decapitating the shark. Scientists want to have the opportunity to study it and see how it could thrive in colder UK waters.

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