bull shark attacked a british tourist

Bull Shark Attacked a British Tourist

On Friday, a bull shark attacked a British tourist who was vacationing with his friends and wife on the Carabean Island of Tobago. Due to the severe shark attack, the government of Trinidad & Tobago closed seven of its beaches. They also offered a reward of TT$10,000 for anyone that would capture the sharp, but soon after retracted it. 

The 64-year-old man, Peter Smith, was in the water with his friends when the incident happened. The group was set to leave that morning but decided to go in the water one last time. While Smith was in the water, facing the beach, he did not notice the massive shark coming at him. Orion Jakerov, a water sports manager, recalled seeing the attack. He stated that when Smith was attacked his friends sprung into action and started hitting the shark back. He said that the group was “physically trying to fight off the shark.” Once the shark released him, they dragged him back to the shore to get help.

According to Smith’s wife Joanna, Peter sustained severe wounds to his left arm and leg. He also had puncture wounds in the abdomen. He also had injuries to his right hand. The medical staff at Scarborough General Hospital in Tobago was able to attach his fingers back. Over the weekend, Mrs. Smith said that Peter “is aware of what is happening and is able to communicate a little, although he is still under strong medication.” Due to his severe injuries, Mr Smith is under heavy sedation. She also thanked the two friends that were in the water with Peter and helped him during the attack. 

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Tobago’s Division of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation said that Smith was attacked ten meters offshore. “This is a very unusual occurrence as Tobago is renowned for its safe and beautiful beaches. The division would also like to reassure the public that the safety of our visitors is a priority and all expertise are being engaged to ensure safety and manage this situation as best as possible.”

The bull shark attacked a British tourist and is said to have been eight to 10 feet long and two feet wide. This is the 11th shark attack this year. In Australia, there have been 5 fatal shark attacks this year, two of which were in South Australia. 

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