Movies with Sharks in 2024

Shark Movies 2024

Are we excited about Shark Week 2024 in July? It must be obvious that we are shark week fanatics because its not in another 170 days =) and we are already super excited to talk about it with our shark fans. We will be doing a few shark week giveaways as it gets closer to the launch date, stay updated on our shark week 2024 blog post.

For Shark Week 2024 enthusiasts, there are several shark-themed movies slated for release that year, offering a variety of thrilling shark encounters. Some notable upcoming releases include:

Shark Movies Coming Soon in 2024

Shark Movies coming in 2024
  1. Shark Island: Set for release on January 5, 2024, this film revolves around a magazine photo shoot on a remote, shark-infested island, blending high-stakes adventure with a dash of glamour.
  2. No Way Up: Scheduled for February 16, 2024, this movie presents a gripping tale of survivors trapped in a plane wreck at the bottom of the ocean, with the added terror of sharks lurking outside.
  3. The Red Triangle: With a release date yet to be confirmed, this film stands out for its setting in a notorious shark attack zone in Northern California. The story unfolds with a sinking cruise ship in shark-infested waters, promising a blend of horror and suspense.
  4. Beast of War: Currently in pre-production, this film explores the harrowing ordeal of soldiers stranded on a raft in the ocean, facing a giant great white shark.
  5. Into The Deep: In post-production, this film brings back Richard Dreyfuss from “Jaws,” this time involving divers, modern-day pirates, and a killer great white shark.
  6. The Last Breath: Also in post-production, this movie tells the story of college friends trapped in a World War 2 battleship wreck, surrounded by great white sharks.
  7. Under Paris: Set for a summer 2024 release, this Netflix film is set during the Paris 2024 Olympics and features a shark in the River Seine.
  8. Alphas: Looking to start filming in early 2024, this movie is a shark-versus-killer whale thriller set in a surfing community.
  9. Close to Shore: Currently in pre-production, this film is not to be confused with the book of the same name and involves a Great White shark invasion in a small town.
shark movies 2024

Shark Movies 2024 Trailers

  1. No Way Up 2024 Release Date

2. The Red Triangle – 2024 Release Date.

These films cover a range of genres from horror and thriller to action and drama, each offering a unique perspective on shark encounters and adventures​

What is some of your favorite shark related movies? Comment below so we can compile list of the top shark movies our fans recommend to our readers.

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