Dead Shark Found Hanging from Ceiling in Florida School

On Thursday, Ponte Vedra High School students were met by a dead shark hanging from the ceiling.

This large, beautiful shark was captured and killed for a high school prank.

We believe killing a shark and hanging it in a school is a prank gone way too far. This is a sickening act, and animal advocates everywhere are seeking justice.

Sophomore Cooper Gottfried said that he was going to first period when he saw the; “massive shark hanging from the ceiling, and it smelled really bad.” The shark was hung over the stairway, and it was hard to miss.

While it’s hard to tell what type of shark it is, some suggest that it’s a sandbar shark.

The custodian at the high school cut the shark down and informed the authorities and Florida Fish and Wildlife about the incident.

While there is surveillance video of the five kids involved in the incident, it will not be released. The video was handed to the sheriff’s office for further investigation.

Punishment for the Students

OneProtest started a petition, calling for disciplinary actions and criminal charges against the five students.

They state that “We are dealing with high school seniors who have a blatant disregard for life and find killing, mutilating, and displaying the body of an animal as “funny” or a “prank” this kind of mentality and behavior deserves to be punished.”

Do you think a dead shark hanging from the ceiling is an acceptable senior prank?

According to the students, their mascot is a shark, so this made sense.

What should the punishment be for these kids?

So far, it looks like the students will be facing suspension or expulsion.

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  1. Expulsions to set an example. If there are no repercussions they and others keep doing bad behaviors.

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