Our Shark Mascot “Nibbles Jr” Visits Vernooy Kill Falls

Today, Nibbles Jr went to visit Vernooy Kill Falls and was not disappointed. The trail is beautiful, with some rocky and wet inclines.

This trail is also part of Long Path Section 16. Anyway, if you’re looking for a short two-mile hike with a waterfall, this is a great option. It has a nice challenging uphill, but the waterfall makes it all worth it.

Upper Cherrytown Parking

To start the hike, we parked at Upper Cherrytown Trail parking. There is plenty of space here for a lot of cars. The trail is across the street from the lot. Once you cross over, you’re going through the magical woods. Everything is in full bloom, and it’s so good to see greenery in all directions.

After a short distance on the trail, you’ll cross a small bridge. We took a small break here and prepared ourselves for the uphill hike. The course gets very rocky here, but the path is wide, and there is no rock scrambling. The trail here is also wet, so be sure to wear proper shoes or dirty your shiny sneakers.

While there is a steady incline to Vernooy kill falls, it’s a doable trail. We’ve seen young and old alike conquer this trail. At 1.8 miles into the hike from the parking lot, we were at Vernooy falls. Nibbles Jr saw the water and couldn’t wait to jump in! He got to enjoy the waterfall with his friend Luna, the dolphin.

The view of the waterfall was stunning, and the water was very refreshing. Nibbles and Luna took the right side path of the falls and followed it up a little. Here, Nibbles Jr found another beautiful spot to enjoy part of the cascading waterfall.

After splashing in the water, Nibbles Jr and Luna packed up and headed back. The trail back was more manageable and faster since we were running downhill. Overall, the hike to Vernooy Kill Falls was gorgeous, just don’t expect any open views of the surrounding hills and mountains.

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