Shark Week 2022 Guide

In the run-up to Shark Week, we always like to know exactly what is happening. That’s why we put together a Shark Week 2022 Guide.

This will include all the shows, dates, times, and events so you know when to get your popcorn ready!

It will also include our advice on the best way to watch Shark Week, the perfect companion products, and our tips for making the most of this week.

We don’t have the details yet for Shark Week 2022, but as soon as we do, this page will be updated with a full Shark Week 2022 Guide. Right now all we know is that Shark Week 2022 is coming July 24th. We can’t wait to see the full schedule!

Bookmark this page and check back regularly, so you know exactly what is happening!

Shark Week 2022 Guide
Make sure you are ready for Shark Week 2022!

Do you have any info on Shark Week 2022? Let us know below!

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