Former President Trump is Obsessed with Sharks

An investigation found a surprising truth about former President Trump and Sharks.

Did you know about former President Trump shark obsession? Well, now you do. The House select committee investigating January 6th events found that Trump had a seven-hour gap in phone records.

According to Trump, he watched seven or eight hours of shark documentaries. He found it fascinating and decided to shut his phone off so he could watch them in peace.

He never misses any Discovery shark documentaries, not even during a riot.

This isn’t the first time Trump has admitted that he watches shark content. Stormy Daniels also confirmed that in 2007, Trump was glued to the TV watching Shark Week.

Daniels also said that the former President is terrified of sharks. He even told her,”‘I donate to all these charities, and I would never donate to any charity that helps sharks. I hope all the sharks die.’”

Trump also lashed out at critics who could not believe that he shut his phone off during the riot. He said he was “protecting the country by watching the shark documentaries.”

If I were afraid of sharks, I would watch shark content to educate myself about them and to love and appreciate them. If you’re watching shark content because you hate sharks, you might be watching the wrong shows.

In 2014 Trump Tweeted, “Sorry folks, I’m just not a fan of sharks.” Yet, Trump can’t stop watching shark documentaries and content. I think he is secretly a shark lover and doesn’t even know it. I would not be surprised if the former President knows more about sharks than you and I combined.

What do you think about Trump’s testimony? Do you think he hates or loves sharks?

Does watching shark documentaries excuse him from shutting his phone off while the White House was in distress?

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  1. Seems A Lover Of Nature if I may state my opinion respect for taking the Time to appreciate Nature !! Respect to He !!

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