Shark Movies 2023

A full list of shark movies being released in 2023 or in production in 2023. Check back on this page for updates on shark movies 2023, trailers, and release dates as they are updated.

The Best Shark Movies of all Time

  1. Jaws (1975) – This classic Steven Spielberg film follows a police chief, a marine biologist, and a shark hunter as they team up to hunt down a great white shark that is terrorizing a New England beach town.
  2. The Shallows (2016) – In this tense thriller, a surfer played by Blake Lively finds herself stranded on a rock just a few hundred yards from shore, while a hungry great white shark circles around her.
  3. Deep Blue Sea (1999) – A team of scientists working on a top-secret project to cure Alzheimer’s disease experiment on sharks, resulting in the creation of highly intelligent, genetically engineered sharks that turn on their human captors.
  4. Open Water (2003) – Based on a true story, this film follows a couple who are accidentally left behind by their scuba diving tour boat, and must survive in shark-infested waters.
  5. 47 Meters Down (2017) – Two sisters on vacation in Mexico decide to go cage diving with sharks, but when their cage breaks free from the boat and sinks to the ocean floor, they must fight for survival against the predators that surround them.

These are just a few examples of some of the best shark movies out there. Each offers its own unique take on the classic shark attack story, and will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Scroll down to see shark movies that will be released in 2023 and movies we recommend checking out for shark week 2023.

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The Little Mermaid

shark movies 2023

Date expected to surface: Released May 2023

Storyline: A young mermaid makes a deal with a sea witch to trade her beautiful voice for human legs so she can discover the world above water and impress a prince.

Director:Rob Marshall
Writers:David Magee (screenplay by) Rob Marshall (story) John DeLuca (story)
Stars: Halle Bailey, Jonah Hauer-King, Melissa McCarthy

shark movies 2023

The Meg 2: The Trench

shark movies

Date expected to surface: August 2023

Storyline: Plot unknown. Sequel to the 2018 film ‘The Meg’. Quick summary of the movie. The Meg” is a 2018 science fiction action film directed by Jon Turteltaub. The movie follows a deep-sea rescue diver named Jonas Taylor, played by Jason Statham, who is called upon to save a group of scientists trapped at the bottom of the ocean. While on the rescue mission, Jonas discovers that he is dealing with a prehistoric 75-foot-long megalodon shark that was thought to be extinct. With the help of the research team and a billionaire funding the project, played by Rainn Wilson, Jonas must race against time to stop the giant shark from wreaking havoc on the ocean and the people above it. The movie is based on the novel “Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror” by Steve Alten

Director:Ben Wheatley
Writers:Jon Hoeber(screenplay by) Erich Hoeber (screenplay by) Dean Georgaris (screenplay by)
Stars:Jason Statham, Jing Wu, Sienna Guillory

shark movies 2023

Close to Shore

shark movies 2023

Storyline:Undersea adventure about a couple who happen upon some artifacts which came from a lost shipwreck off the coast of Southern California. They bring the items to a local pawn shop whereupon the owner discovers the cache to be even more valuable. The two of them become involved in a dangerous conflict when a local kingpin is informed of the discovery, and partake with the shop owner in an unexpected adventure amid the blue and shark-infested California waters.

Date expected to surface: Listed on IMDB as currently in pre-production

Director: Alexander T. Hwang
Writers: Allen DriscollAlexander T. Hwang
Stars: Cintia Dicker, Maria Shapley, Vincent Sinclair Diesel

shark movies 2023
shark movies 2023 list

Shallow Descent

Storyline: SHALLOW DESCENT – Florida family on their way to their vacation retreat in the Keys suffers the terrifying consequences of a single mistake that will haunt the entire family for eternity. It’s Fest weekend in the Keys, with summer winding down and Halloween in the air. The Broady family is on their way to what they believe is an action-packed weekend of boating, diving, and Fest celebration, Key West style. Life is Sacred – Knowing when to let go… Impossible.

Date expected to surface: Listed on IMDB as currently in post-production

Fear Below

shark movies 2023

A rag-tag team of divers attempting to salvage a sunken car from a river are thwarted by a highly aggressive bull shark.

Director:Matthew Holmes

Writers: Matthew Holmes, Gregory Moss

Stars: Josh McConville, Clayton Watson, Jake Ryan

Date expected to surface: Listed as in production on IMDB

shark movies 2023

Bathtub Shark Attack

shark movies 2023

Story Line: A young down-on-their-luck couple settle for a cheap apartment that seems too good to be true. Little do they know, something lurks in the drain of the bathtub. Something that’s thousands of years old…and it is hungry.

Director: Madeline Deering
Writer: Madeline Deering
Stars:Lynn Lowry, Warren Dean Fulton, Lani Sarem

Date expected to surface: Listed by IMDB as in production

shark movies 2023

Apex Predators 2: The Spawning

shark movies 2023

Story LineL: Mutated, flying Sharks wreak havoc along the beach during an annual Volleyball tournament.
Director: Dustin Ferguson
Writers: Dustin FergusonJennifer Nangle
Stars :Vernon Wells, Dawna Lee Heising, Christopher Showerman

Date expected to surface: Listed by IMDB as in production

shark movies 2023

No Way Up

Storyline: Characters from very different backgrounds are thrown together when the plane they’re travelling on crashes into the Pacific Ocean. When the airliner comes to rest perilously close to the edge of a ravine with the surviving passengers and crew trapped in an air pocket, a nightmare fight for survival ensues with the air supply running out and dangers creeping in from all sides.

Date expected to surface: Listed on IMDB as being in post-production

Director: Claudio Fäh
Writer: Andy Mayson
Stars: Colm Meaney, Phyllis Logan, Will Attenborough

Baby Shark’s Big Movie

Date expected to surface: December 2023

Deep Fear

Date expected to surface: Listed as in post-production on IMDB

Sharks N Da Hood

Date expected to surface: Listed on IMDB as being in post-production

Invisible Shark

Date expected to surface: Listed on IMDB as being in post-production

Shark Movies 2023

Something in the Water

Date expected to surface: Listed on IMDB as currently being in production

The Last Breath

Date expected to surface: Listed on IMDB as being in post-production

Shark Trap

Date expected to surface: Currently in post-production

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