shark week blimp

Shark Week Blimps

Have you spotted one of the two Shark Week Blimps? It would be hard to miss a massive shark blimp in the sky, so keep your eyes open! Discovery is doing something new this year and has released a West Coast Shark Week Blimp and an East Coast Shark Blimp. When you see it in your area, could you take a picture and share it? Use the tags #WestShark or #EastShark with your post.

Shark Week 2022

This year, Shark Week starts July 24th, and we can’t wait! Discovery has yet to release a full schedule of the new shark content, but we know it will be good. To get the shark fans taking, they have released their Shark Week Blimps. Those that don’t know about Shark Week will get curious when they see a massive shark hovering in the sky. These blimps are 128 feet long and 44 feet high. It’s tough to miss them!

So, what’s the deal with these two Shark Week Blimps? Discovery is looking to see who is a bigger Shark Week fan! Does the East coast love sharks more than the West? The Shark Blimps will be flying over different areas on various days to find out. The full schedule of the flying sharks can be found below.

Shark Week Blimp Schedule

If you live on the East coast, you have plenty of chances to see this massive shark in the sky. Below are all the dates and locations where the blimp will be. Please note that due to weather, these dates and locations can change.

Friday, July 1 – Nashville

Saturday, July 2 – Atlanta

Sunday, July 3 – Charlotte, NC and VA Beaches

Monday, July 4 – Virginia Beach, DE & MD Beaches

Tuesday, July 5 – Ocean City, MD

Friday, July 8 – NJ and MD Beaches

Saturday, July 9 – Cape May, NJ

Sunday, July 10 – Stone Harbor to Ocean City, NJ

Monday, July 11 – Ocean City, Atlantic City, Long Beach

Thursday, July 14 – Sandy Hook, Long Branch, Asbury Park, NJ

Friday, July 15 – Asbury Park, Point Pleasant, Seaside

Saturday, July 16 – Long Beach, Toms River

Sunday, July 17 – Sandy Hook, Long Branch, Asbury Park

Monday, July 18 – Asbury Park, Point Pleasant, Seaside

Thursday, July 21 – Long Island, NYC, Coney Island, Fire island

Friday, July 22 – Long Island, Jones Beach, Fire Island

Saturday, July 23 – Long Island, Mastic Beach, West Hampton, East Hampton

Sunday, July 24 – Long Island, NYC beaches, Philadelphia, Delaware

Monday, July 25 – Ocean City, MD and NJ Beaches

Thursday, July 28 Charlotte, NC and VA Beaches

Friday, July 29 – Atlanta

Saturday, July 30 – Nashville

West Coast Shark Schedule

If you live in the West coast, you’ll have plenty of chances to see the blimp as well.

Friday, July 1 – San Francisco, Bay Beaches

Saturday, July 2 – Sacramento, SF Bay, Red Bluff

Sunday, July 3 – Redding, Yreka, Ashland, Medford

Monday, July 4 – Portland, Eugene, Salem

Tuesday, July 5 – Tacoma, Portland, Vancouver, Long View, Centralia, Olympia

Friday, July 8 – Seattle, Traffic, Puget Sound, Downtown

Saturday, July 9 – Portland, Tacoma, Centralia, Long View, Vancouver

Sunday, July 10 – Portland, Salem, Eugene, Medford

Monday, July 11 – Eugene, Medford, Ashland, Yreka, Redding

Tuesday, July 12 – San Jose, Redding, San Francisco, Monterey Bay, Salinas

Friday, July 15 – Santa Maria, Monterey Bay, Morro Bay, Pismo Beach, Santa Maria

Saturday, July 16 – Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Monica

Sunday, July 17 – Los Angeles (Beaches & Downtown)

Monday, July 18 – Los Angeles, Huntington Beach & Orange County Beaches,

Thursday, July 21 – Comic-Con & San Diego Beaches

Friday, July 22 – Comic-Con & San Diego Beaches

Saturday, July 23 – Comic-Con & San Diego Beaches

Sunday, July 24 – Comic-Con & San Diego Beaches

Monday, July 25 – San Diego & Los Angeles Beaches

Thursday, July 28 – Salinas. Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, Ragged Point, Monterey

Friday, July 29 – San Jose, Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz, San Jose

Saturday, July 30 – Moffat, San Jose, Mountain View (San Francisco Bay)

Have you seen the shark blimps yet? What day will they show up in your area?

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