Steam Rising Shark Spa Kit Giveaway

We love this Shark Spa Kit! Find out what it is and enter for a chance to win one for yourself.

What is a Shark Spa Kit?

When we first saw this, we were confused!

Is it a Spa Kit for Sharks? Do they like getting pampered? What else do sharks do for the beauty and wellness routines?

Well, it turns out, it’s a Shark Themed Spa Kit for humans like you and I!

We love it and it includes a great selection of shark related bath time products.

Win Your Own Shark Spa Kit

We Love Sharks second giveaway will be for the Steam Rising Shark Spa Kit. As we get close to Shark Week 2021 we will be doing more product and cash giveaways.

STEAM RISING | Shark Spa Kit

Shark Spa Kit
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