Shark Week 2022

Shark Movies to Watch Before Shark Week 2022

Before Shark Week 2022 madness begins, embrace the even by watching the best shark movies. While many movies start with a scary shark in the water looking to nibble on some feet, some offer more insight, laughter, or scare tactics.

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One movie that started the shark frenzy is Jaws. This 1975 thriller led to other sequels such as Jaws 2, Jaws 3D, and Jaws: The Revenge.

The Shallows

In 2016, a pregnant Blake Lively did most of her stunts as she played Nancy in this shark movie. After getting bit by a shark, she watched as two other surfers got malled. Not wanting to die on a rock, she fights back in this action thriller.

The Reef

What could go wrong when a small vessel capsizes with five people? Add some open waters, a shark, and let’s see which one makes it alive.

The Meg

Once upon a time, there lived a 75-foot-long shark in the ocean called Megalodon. They were last seen 3.6 million years ago, but could they still lurk in our waters? Watch The Meg and find out!Bait 3D
As a grocery store is getting robbed, a tsunami rolls in and floods the place with water. What’s in the water? A massive shark, we hope. Is there a tiny dog in this movie, and does it survive? If you want to know, watch this shark movie to find out.

47 Meters Down

What could go wrong when two friends enter a shark cage? A whole lot. After watching this movie, I’m not booking a shark diving exertion any time. And if that movie wasn’t enough scary for you, watch the sequel, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged.

Shark Night 3D

Do we need another movie about a bunch of friends partying until the shark comes in hot? Yes, yes, we do! This movie will make you also say, “WOW! I know that actress from that show!”


What happens when a tornado picks up a bunch of sharks and drops them in Las Angeles? Sharknado happens. Every scene in this movie is crazier and more bizarre than the last, but we still laugh and watch. If one of these shark movies is not enough, you have five more Sharknado movies to enjoy.

Deep Blue Sea

Can sharks swim backward and get smarter as they age? Can sharks recognize guns? This movie will answer your questions and make you believe in it!

Open Water

What happens when a couple is left behind on a diving trip? You know, a shark comes and scares them, of course. This movie is based on real events, which makes the movie a little more terrifying.

Planet of the Sharks

Imagine a world that is covered by 98% of water? You don’t have to imagine it anymore. Just watch this movie instead.

Finding Nemo

If you thought that this cute, animated movie was about a lost fish, you need to rewatch it. If you look closer, you’ll realize it’s about a struggling shark named Bruce that has not eaten fish in three weeks. His two friends are also struggling to change their diet and be supportive of one another. Do they change their ways and stay strong? Watch the movie again and find out!

Dark Tide

If a movie has Halle Berry in it, I’m watching it! If you like a sea storm, scary sharks, and shark cage stories that go wrong, this movie is for you.

Toxic Shark

An island full of beautiful people and toxic water. What could go wrong? Are people getting infected and start biting others? Perhaps. Watch this movie and see what is toxic.

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Shark Week 2022

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