Lab Kisses Whale Shark in Australia

We’ve all seen incredible videos of dogs with dolphins but have you seen one where the lab kisses whale shark? Jade Pursell, a 28 year old diver, captured this sweet moment while diving with a friend. Over the years, she’s captured some incredible moments with various ocean life and her Labrador. She is extremely proud that her eight year old Labrador Retriever Sailor got to experience this moment.


On September 23rd of this year, Jade Pursell and her friend were exploring the reef in northwester part of Australia. Shortly into their dive, they were greeted by the massive whale shark. The 22 foot long whale shark did not seem interested in them, but was more curios about the dog on the boat. The whaleshark kept creeping in slowly towards the surface greeting the dog. Again and again it resurfaced as it got closer the the vessel taking a closer look at Sailor.

To the owner’s surprise, Sailor was not scared. Instead, the curious dog wanted to get closer to the strange animal coming towards her. After a few close face-to-face meetings, the two finally get to meet up close. This is where the lab does close sniffs and gives the whale shark a kiss on the nose. Pursell admitted that during the encounter she was shouting at the dog not to touch the shark. She was afraid the lab would jump on the shark. While we know that whale sharks are filter-feeders and safe, she was worried the dog would see it as a threat.

Once the lab owner uploaded the video on TikTok, the world melted. Sailor is one lucky dog that got up-close-and-personal with a whale shark! She is probably the only dog in the world that can say that. Can you? I know I can’t! Watch the video to see how the lab kisses whale shark from the boat.

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