shark attacks a man in florida everglades

Shark Attacks a Man in the Florida Everglades

The video where a shark attacks a man in the Florida Everglades is having everyone talking. This is one very important reason why you should never put your hands in murky Everglades water.  The next time you are fishing you might think twice before washing your hands in the water. 

Everglades Shark Attack

Michael Russo was on a fishing boat with his friends when the incident happened. His friend Nick just released a snook and headed to the side of the boat to wash his hands. In the video, someone in the background said, “I wouldn’t do that.”  To that Nick replied; “Two seconds wouldn’t do anything” and bent down to wash his hands. The next thing that happens was a loud scream from Nick, whose right hand was inside a shark’s mouth. The shark pulled the angler into the murky waters while someone in the background repeatedly screams to “Get him.”

It only took two short short seconds for the shark to attack the young man and pull him in the water. Thanks to his friends and their quick actions, he was back on the boat in a flash. The angler was rushed back to the dock where Park Rangers took over. The injured man was airlifted to the hospital and treated for his injuries. 

This scary incident happened in Florida Bay where there are plenty of lemon sharks and bull sharks. According to Everglades and Dry Tortugas National Parks spokesperson, this happened on June 23rd of this year. Allyson Gantt also said that the shark in the video was most likely a bull shark but it’s unclear.

The next time you are thinking about washing your hands in the ocean or murky waters just think back on this video where shark attacks a man in the Florida Everglades. 

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