Kim Kardashian swims with sharks

Kim Kardashian Swims with Sharks and Whales

Did you know that Kim Kardashian swims with sharks? Neither did we until her recent Instagram story posts. For her friend LaLa Anthony’s birthday, Kim posted a series of photos from their various luxurious beach vacations. In one post, she and LaLa are in wetsuits and snorkels, posing for a photo. The capture reads, “We usually are the adventures ones when on vacation and will jump off any boat, swim with whales and sharks and not care about our nails and hair getting messed up.”

Celebrities Swimming with Sharks

While some people might be shocked to hear that, this was not the first time Kim Kardashian swims with sharks. In August of 2012, the star went to Bora Bora and swam with stingrays and sharks with her family. This was captured on their television show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The star was with her family and short-lived husband Kris Humphries. Kim was terrified as the stingrays surround her and even hugs her then 14-year-old sister Kylie. Kim was only 30 years old at that time, when she swam with sharks and stingrays. Now as a mother of four, swimming with sharks might seem like a piece of cake in comparison.

Do you think Kim Kardashian swims with sharks and whales? Do we want more photos and video evidence of this? I, for one, would love to see actual photos of the star as she swims with sharks. Perhaps this is something they are saving to air for their Hulu show. Maybe we just have to sit back and wait.

Kim Kardashian is not the first celebrity to swim with sharks. January Jones, who is a shark advocate, swam with them twice. Blake Lively, Blair Underwood, Andy Samberg, and Anderson Cooper all swam with sharks. Celebrities like Joe Manganiello and Jennifer Lawrence swam with sharks for movie roles. Celebrities like Will Smith wanted to cleanse his fear of sharks. The best way to do that is to swim with them. This shark encounter is forever a part of Shark Week. What celebrity would you like to see swimming with sharks next?

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