Scuba Diving Guide And Student: Jobs for shark lovers

5 Of The Coolest Jobs For Shark Lovers

If you would love to work with sharks as often as possible then our list of Jobs for Shark Lovers is just what you need.

Scuba Diving Guide And Student: Jobs for shark lovers
Scuba Diving Guide And Student.

For those who have more than just a passing interest in sharks, a career working with sharks may be just what you need. Because not only do you get to learn more about sharks, you also get to contribute to their well-being.

Historically, sharks are some of the most persecuted creatures in our waters largely due to negative and misleading stereotypes. However, our list of jobs for shark lovers includes some of the most amazing opportunities to protect sharks and be a voice for their survival.

Some of these jobs require years of study to qualify while others do not. Therefore, whether years of academic study is your thing or not, there’s a career here for everyone.

So, here are some of the coolest jobs for shark lovers that exist today.

Jobs For Shark Lovers

1) Marine Biologist

This is more for those that have a passion for sea creatures in general and particularly for sharks. Note that the job of a marine biologist is better suited for those that love the academic life.

If that sounds like you then a career in marine biology might be exactly what suits you best. A marine biologist studies ocean life, and sometimes oceans themselves.

They look at the behavior and psychological processes of marine species. They also research any possible diseases or environmental conditions that might affect them. In addition, marine biologists assess the impact of human activity on marine life.

You’ll spend a lot of time studying sea organisms in their natural habitats. So if you’re a shark lover, you’re sure to fulfill your dream of working directly with sharks.

Be advised however that marine biology is an academic career. Hence plenty of time will also be spent at a desk, writing publications.

2) Ecotourism Guide

This is for the more adventurous at heart!

The travel sector has been steadily growing in the last 20 years, mostly due to the rise of global income and cheaper flight tickets. And while this has greatly helped the economies of many countries around the world, there’s been some side effects too.

The environmental effects of millions travelling the world has taken its toll on the planet’s resources. With time, it has become obvious that there is a need for a more sustainable eco-friendly niche in the tourism sector. Consequently “Ecotourism” is now a growing industry.

National Geographic reports that 100 million sharks are killed every year, mostly for their fins. With the growth of ecotourism, people will gradually begin to realize that sharks and other wild animals are better alive than dead.

By attracting paying tourists, it becomes more economically feasible for countries to protect their shark population.

As an ecotourism guide, you can use your passion to promote activities that keep more sharks alive.

3) Scuba Diving Guide

Combining the first two on the list, a Scuba diving guide is basically an ecotourism guide with some background in marine biology.

Teaching tourist divers that want to swim with sharks will require both Scuba qualifications and a deep understanding of shark behavior. For a shark lover, this is the ultimate hands-on experience.

You get to work in exotic locations, put on your diving suit and swim around the creatures that you love most. All the while interacting with like-minded people who either already share your passion or want to know more about these fascinating creatures.

So if you have the necessary skills and the desire to share your passion with others, this is the job for you.

Working as a Scuba diving guide is the ultimate hands-on experience for shark lovers that prefer the outdoors.

4) Environmental Journalism

Let’s move to jobs for shark lovers that focus on the well-being of the animals but are less hands-on.

As an environmental journalist you will be collecting, verifying, producing and distributing information regarding any event, issue, trend, or person associated with the environment.

In other words, you will be dealing with all the problems or potential problems nature has as a result of human interaction.

And since you have a passion for sharks and we earlier established that they face huge environmental issues, there is obviously much work to be done in this area. So this is another option you could be focusing your career on.

5) Shark NGO Campaigner

Last but not least, when studying sharks and their issues isn’t enough, maybe a more selfless approach is needed.

Shark NGO campaigners dedicate their lives to promoting shark conservation causes. Today, the most pressing issues include the push for a ban of all shark fin trade globally.

You can join an organization like Mission Blue, dedicated in lobbying the US Government to ban the buying and selling of shark fins in the United States. Doing this can help create even more awareness about the negative impact shark fin soup has on sharks to date.

Be advised though that most shark NGOs rely on donations, therefore they do not have a hefty budget and most likely they will need you as a volunteer. However, some of the larger ones do give you the opportunity to work with and save sharks, while also building a career.

What If You Don’t Want To Commit Fully Yet?

It’s common that people already love sharks, but they’re not quite ready to make a full commitment to a shark-related career.

Probably, they have family/work commitments or other needs that require their attention.

Well, no problem. There are still many great opportunities to work with sharks at your own pace.

Probably the best option that exists today is joining volunteer programs. With an online search , you will find a host of volunteer programs constantly in need of more hands. For instance, you could work in research or support shark conservation groups to raise money and awareness. Or just sign petitions to end the shark fin trade, shark hunting, etc.

You could also look into work like underwater photography, or even start a blog telling people the truth about sharks.

Working with sharks doesn’t need to remain a dream anymore. Make it a reality by finding out more and getting involved in what will turn out to be a fun and fulfilling career.

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