Sharks Attacking a Kayak Video

Shocking and REAL Shark Attack Videos

This selection of shark attack videos has shocked the world in recent times. Shark attacks are improbable, and actual footage of them is very rare.

Shark Attack Videos and a Kayak surrounded by sharks
Shark attacks are almost everyone’s worst nightmare… and for these unlucky people, their nightmares came true.

If you are intrigued by sharks attacking humans, these videos are for you. But first, a couple of warnings and essential points.

Important Information about Shark Attacks

  1. Shark Attacks are extremely unlikely. There are roughly 130 shark attack “incidents” per year, and only a few result in death. When you consider there are 7.6 billion people on this planet, the odds of it happening to you are astronomical!
  2. These videos are sometimes shocking and graphic. Please proceed with caution and note that they are not suitable for children.

Now with that out of the way, its time to introduce this surprising collection of videos showing sharks attacking humans

Shark Attack Videos – Proceed with Caution!

This shark attack video roundup includes some of the most shocking and graphic footage from real-life attacks.

These videos include sharks attacking professional surfers, young swimmers, divers and kayakers.

1 – Sydney Harbour Attack in February 2022

This tragic and fatal shark attack occurred in February 2022 and resulted in the passing of Simon Nellist.

2 – Kayaker in a Surprise Shark Attack

In this surprising video, we see a lone kayaker in South Africa filming himself on a mounted GoPro.

Just a few seconds in, the kayak and camera are turned upside down as something attacks from below…

3 – Diver Forgets How Dangerous Sharks Can Be

This diver in Papua New Guinea is clearly experienced and probably knows this ocean area very well. He is seen interacting with sharks and sea life, but then something unexpected happens.

Let this be a lesson that you should always respect wildlife.

4 – A Small Shark with a Big Attitude

Now for something a little bit more light-hearted! This small shark comes close to bathers in the Jersey Shore waters and gives them a bit of a shock.

Ok, this is not strictly a shark attack, but it is the calm before the storm… there are some very shocking videos below.

5 – Great White Sharks Bites off a Girls Leg

This video from 1994 is the most graphic we have seen. Somewhere off the coast of Chile, a group of what looks like holidaymakers are swimming in the ocean near their boat.

The video footage and the screams will tell you all you need to know about this attack.

6 – Shark Attacks a Jet skier and Dolphin on a Florida Beach

This video shows the aftermath of an incident in Florida, where a Jet skier jumped into the water with a dolphin. Unfortunately, a Shark also showed up.

Luckily, we understand that the Jet skier escaped unharmed.

7 – Great White Shark Attacks a Professional Surfer

In this famous clip, professional surfer Mick Fanning is attacked by a shark while competing in a competition.

This professional footage and commentary captured the entire incident.

8 – Shark Expert is Attacked By Surprise!

In this video, a shark expert is filming a documentary and is suddenly attacked by a Bull Shark.

This is a great reminder that no matter how much we think we know about sharks, we should always respect them in their natural environment.

9 – Man Loses Both Legs in Great White Shark Attack in Cape Town, South Africa

A British man enters the water knowing there are sharks in the area. He is ruthlessly attacked and loses a leg during the attack, and his other later due to complications.

What do you think of these Shark Attack Videos?

We would love to know what you think of these videos. Have you seen any other attack videos? Have they changed your opinion on sharks?

Leave your comments below and tell us what you think!

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    1. I used to surf in Florida and was once knocked off my board by a huge Hammerhead. Luckily I didn’t get bit …….but I don’t surf anymore and I made a deal with the sharks ………I stay out of their ocean ……..and they stay out of my yard ! No hassles !

      1. So glad you’re still here with us! I was just watching a program on great hammerheads in Florida (Shark Week). They’re no joke. Between the sharks, alligators and crazy big anacondas cruising around in Florida waters. If I ever visit it’s a hard pass on going in the water there.

    1. Hmmm, I’m trying to decide if your comment is a brilliant pun or if you have a squeamish stomach 🤷‍♂️.

  1. It is vey easy to demonize sharks because of videos like this but the ocean in their environment. We are the ones invading their environment. They are just doing what sharks do to live.

    1. You are absolutely right. They are wonderful, strong beings, survived millions and millions of years. We ourselves won´t. Now who is the smart race?

  2. The documentary video was the best as far as viewing the shark’s behaviour before and during the bite. I wish we could have also seen the footage from above the water. Fascinating stuff.

  3. Why not think of these from the shark’s point of view? The sharks are in thier natural habitat doing what sharks are supposed to do.

  4. Did y’all know that there are some sharks that will not attack? The Travel/Discovery Channel is quite interesting.

  5. Sorry I don’t like any of them too hard to watch I did hold a nurse shark while on a snorkeling tour in Belize.. maybe show some nicer videos next time.

  6. In all cases with severe injuries people made crucial mistakes you to not do if you know sharks. Sorry…. Its the himans not the sharks that are responsible here.

  7. I’m sorry but the “expert” standing in chest deep water with over 10 bull sharks has to be the dumbest human being on the planet, not one experienced marine biologists would do that and the fact that he risked a journalists life by convincing him they’re safe if they don’t move the fukn idiot should be sued and stripped of any marine biologist title or any title

  8. I love sharks. Have ever since I was a kid. They can be dangerous, yes, but a shark attack is actually rare. You are more likely to die in an accident on the way to the beach than actually getting attacked. And that last video is not accurate. It says great white but the shark had a black tip on its dorsal fin. Great whites don’t have that.

  9. I love animals, and I also love sharks. But in the same time I am aware of them. I hate how they are fished and hunted after, and the worst are the criminals who just cut off their fins and then throw them back to the ocean where they have to die a horrible death. How can people be so cruel. And why.

  10. Never understand why people are shocked or even surprised by shark attacks! These graceful and expert predators swam the oceans long before we tried to lay claim to them. We are in their territory! They are hunters! We need to get more educated about being around sharks! Stop blaming the sharks, it’s us who need to adapt and get educated! We use the seas/beaches as our playpens, but it’s their home, their hunting ground. Get real guys!¬

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