If sharks could talk, what would they say?

We asked our We Love Sharks fans over on our Shark Facebook Page this question, and we got some brilliant answers, so we decided to compile the best ones below!

The question was inspired by this AI-created image depicting a grizzly fisherman talking to an equally grizzly-looking shark.

This AI image was generated using “A shark having a conversation with a man.”

Your Answers for “If sharks could talk, what would they say?”

Thank you to all our Shark Fans for answering – here are our favourites:

Please stop killing. Stop taking away my home. I was here before you and I will be here after you.
Desiree Pyburn Roberts

Get out of my house
Beckie Odle

Fish are friends, not food.
Kelly Phillips

Stop killing us, please.
Joe William

Please stop killing my friends, family and home!!!
Kassii Brighteyes Irwin

Hey bud, you know we watch horror films about humans being bad to sharks!
Mark Vernon

Why are you destroying my home and food chain?
Bee Sting

You should realise by now it doesn’t matter how big your boat is 🦈
Lockstock-James Wilson-white

stop killing us
Jordana Dintruff

How are you breathing underwater?
Daniel Chase McGuire

“I will never win a Stanley Cup trophy.”
Joe Grisso

Names BRUCE, I know, I know why trust a shark, right?
Mark Russ

What do you tell a human with two stumps. Nothing you already told him to stay out of your water twice 😂
David Burleson

we usually cut off the arms and legs and throw them back in the boat
Bj Bnet

That guy taste horrible
Jeremy East

Thank you God for this meal you’ve provided.
Manolo Navarro

Get out of my ocean!
Darren Bithell

Please stop killing us
Jem Dcruz

Argh matey see that scar on my dorsal fin… that was a harpoon from Rob Schneider did that and this scar was from capn quint of the orca
Sharky Jones

I don’t like your hat
Leigh Till

Why are we so misunderstood???
Jessica Fiestadt

Quit peeing in my living room humans and maybe I won’t bite you. Maybe.
Joe Iannarelli

I am the king of the 7 seas
Tom Koczab

Stop killing us and stop polluting my environment.
Kathleen Schneider

Fish are friends not food.
Adrian Jones

You call us monsters, but in reality, you are much worse than that..
Stelios Koukourakis

I’m just a fish just trying to live me life.
Tammy C Godsey

Get in my belly
Bobby Lewis

You look delicious. 🙂
Jim Rusler

Leave me alone
Ernesto Aguilar

Probably “Is that eatable? “”Wtf is that? lets try and take a bite “
Mia Jasmine Chopra

We have been around 350 million years. In the short time you have been here, you have managed to to kill most of us to the point of extinction.
Rafael Cavar

Why so serious
Matthew Lawrence Lawrence Moore IV

Get the hell out of my house
JW Curtis

Bite me 😂😂
Ana Roque

be like a shark
Grear Moe Tenorio

Christian Neathey

Stay out of my yard!
Ricky Johnston Jr

let me live in peace and clean the oceans
Geronimo Deligat Le-grand

Thank you for cleaning up our oceans 💙 💕 for these Billions of years. Your wonderful and beautiful. One of God’s most beautifully designed ocean species. Double interleaved skin. Teeth that grow back…(I’m jealous and wish we had that -**making dentist’s obsolete) , keen sense of smell, longevity, cancer resistivity.
*William Pereira*

You ARE gonna need a bigger boat…. lol
Cheryl Haussler Ilhardt

Or have you seen my… Baby Shark to do to, Baby Shark to do to. Baby Shark 🎶 🎵
Cheryl Haussler Ilhardt

What is up with that music?
Mike Fontaine

Bring more fish and seal meat.
Mario Roz

See that diver, don’t eat them, they make you fart,
Sharky Jones

Fish gotta eat
Sean M Burns

Got any spare limbs, guv?
Caro Alexander

Give us weapons to defend us against savage humans..
Tim Barnes

Will you accept Jesus as your saviour
Ravin Munsaram

Dont you need 𝙰 breathing device ?
Eric van der Toorn

Fish are not food Fish are friends
Michael Vincent

Nom nom?!
Alex E Osborne

Did you bring enough for the whole class???
Denise Pinch

Stop using our world as your toilet bowl.
Ralph Valdes

Hey buddy!!!! Wanna burn one!!
Tony Riggleman

Rachael Cummins

Jane Broughton

Wear yellow and we won’t bite you!
Pinky C Lewis

The names not Bruce!
Christopher H Paul

Blake Plumley

hey what are we eating? 😂😋
Kacper Sobel

Sharks do talk , it’s just that we don’t have a sharkie Rosetta stone
David Warrender

Quiero comerte las patas
Daniel Sierra

Gotch yer nose!
Larry Lk Hill

Fresh meat 🤤
Lukas Zielak

Why us? !!
Carlos Catalán

Please stop selling water in in bottles and putting it in plastic bags, it is killing my family and friends, people lived for years drinking tap water, stop using dusters with a plastic holder use an old T-shirt.
Liza Vandermeer Baines

Rusty Russell

needs salt
Stacy Caudill

Fish are friends not food
Oliver Bfw Batlle

Fish are friends not food lol 😂
Nichole Jade Anderson

A common theme is that sharks would want us to treat them and the oceans with more respect… and we wholeheartedly agree!

What do you think sharks would say? Let us know in the comments or on our “If sharks could talk, what would they say?” Facebook Post

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