vlogger ate a great white shark

Food Vlogger Ate a Great White

On July 14th, food Vlogger ate a great white shark on live stream. She is now being investigated by cops and can face up to ten years in jail if convicted. In China, catching and eating great white sharks is illegal. Since the Covid pandemic, police have had more cases of illegal animal trade, which are used for food and medicine.

The food vlogger, known as Tizi, has eight million followers. Her petite figure, bubbly personality, and shocking eating habits gained her fame. She has eaten numerous weird things to gain more attention and shock her viewers. Previously, she posted herself eating crocodiles and ostriches. One Weibo platform user said that “She literally eats anything to grab eyeballs. I was horrified when seeing her eat a crocodile tail once.”

In her July video, she showed herself lying next to a six-foot shark. This was to show her viewers that the shark was bigger than her. In her video, she marinated the shark and cooked it on the barbecue. Her statement about the shark was, “It may look vicious, but its meat is truly super tender.”

China’s Food Vlogger Issue

Beijing lawyer Chang Yachun said that Tizi faces five years in prison and other fines. If the shark is found to be juvenile, she can face a longer sentence of ten years and her properties confiscated.

While Tizi ate a great white shark on live stream, she’s not the only vlogger to shock her viewers. In 2020, Wang Menyun, ate a live fruit bat with chopsticks. In 2019 another Chinese vlogger tried to eat a live octopus, and it sucked to her face. Another vlogger, Sun, died after eating live poisonous centipedes and lizards. In 2017 another star accidentally poisoned herself when she mistook a toxic plant for aloe vera.

Viral binge-eating videos known as “mukbang” are a big issue in China. Live streaming platforms have promised to shut down accounts promoting excessive eating and food waste for years. Yet, the bloggers continue to shock and awe their audience with extreme eating habits.

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