Circling Shark Pendant: Gifts for shark lovers

10 Best Gifts For Shark Lovers

With Shark Week 2017 fast approaching, here’s our list of the 10 best gifts for shark lovers.

You are sure to find something for everyone no matter the age or gender of the receiver. Or just give yourself a treat and buy them for yourself.

Shark Blankets And Onesies

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Our collection of shark costumes and onesies are just what you need on those lazy days when you want something comfy to wear about the house. Or maybe you’re looking for something different to wear to a party. You can bet showing up in one of these would be an immediate conversation starter.

Browse our collection of plush shark sleeping bags, shark costumes for kids and adults, tails shark blankets, and unisex animal onesies and you’re sure to find something perfect.

For night time, check out the Blue Shark Unisex Pajamas, the soft and comfortable Polar Fleece Onesie Pajamas, or just slip into our Great White Shark Plush sleeping bag. The sleeping bag comes with a removable dorsal fin that serves as a pillow and is designed for your maximum comfort all at an affordable price.


Shark Blankets And Onesies For Kids

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For kids we have the popular Snuggie Tails Shark Blankets that are also great for sleepovers, camping, or just a movie time snuggle. Or you could choose from a range of other items like the clown fish, colorful rainbow fish, comfy dolphin, or the cute mermaid tails.

Another favorite is our Original Blankie Tails blankets featuring our premium grade Mermaid Tails blanket. This Mermaid Tails Blanket is made with extra plush, soft, and double-sided minky fabric. This is one of the best buys for 3-12 year old shark lovers.

Babies are welcome too! Take your pick from the adorable Baby Short Sleeve Bodysuit Shark Costume for boy and girl babies, and the Infant Baby Short Sleeve Shark Bodysuit for boys.

You can see that no one is left out!

Trick Or Treat Studios Mens Jaws Bruce The Shark Mask

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This mask is the first officially licensed Bruce the shark mask from the classic horror movie by Steven Spielberg: Jaws. The attention to detail is astounding, very realistic, and frightening. Just what you’ll need for Halloween. It’s sure to get you all the attention you want as you go walking on land as the apex predator.

Ocean-opoly Monopoly Board Game

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Adults and kids can get all the fun of owning a large-scale fish tank without all the inevitable mess and occasional spills involved. The video game displays different types of sea life and you get to swim around the board as a crab, fish, shark fin, lobster, starfish, or seahorse. Collect blocks of water as you play and turn them in for the big wheel and a chance to win the video game.

This game is designed for 2 – 6 players and is a great option for an afternoon, or evening of fun with friends and family.

Moon Pendant Circling Sharks Jewelry Pendant

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This is a beautiful shark-themed custom jewelry set that’s handmade and sure to gladden the heart of that special someone in your life. The material is metal, glass, link chain, and printed art. Also, there is the option of having it made with a custom image.

Tiger Shark Jaw 20 Inch Replica

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Add this 20 inch Tiger Shark Jaw replica to your collection of sharky-items. It’s made with great attention to detail and will make for an interesting wall display piece anywhere in your home or elsewhere.

The Tiger shark is known for its fierceness and this replica jaw just goes to show how effective of a predator this shark is.

Real Megalodon Shark Tooth

[fsbProduct product_id=’3016′ size=’300′ align=’left’]

Get a piece of the now extinct Megalodon shark before these items are all gone. These teeth are 100% genuine teeth of the largest shark that ever swam in the seas and they are being found by a diver in North Carolina.

But hurry! There’s only a limited number of them left.

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark

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This item is truly a must-buy. It’s a remote controlled Air Swimmers Flying shark perfect as a gift for shark lovers from ages 8 and up.

Just fill up the Great White Shark balloon with helium, maneuver it with the remote control and watch it ‘swim’ from one place to the other with lifelike motion. You can easily re-inflate it over and over again.

**Note that it’s only for indoor use and not recommended for kids below 3 years.


Silver Shark Mens Bracelet

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This is another piece that’s sure to start off a lot of conversations. This shark bracelet is made from stainless steel and there’s only one word to describe it: stunning.

Also, it’s highly hypoallergenic so it’s suitable for people with more sensitive skin. It does not oxidize with time and is very durable.

So, if you’re searching for the perfect gifts for shark lovers, from the above list you’re sure for find something that will be suitable to the taste, style, and needs of every shark fan out there.

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