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Diving Deeper: 10 Intriguing Questions About the Basking Shark Answered!

How well do you know the basking shark? We Love Sharks has created a shark trivia questions and answers game about the basking shark. Let us know how you did in the comment sections. If you have any fun trivia questions to add relating to the basking shark, please also share with us in the comments section below.

The Basking shark is a fascinating creature and the second-largest living shark in the world, after the whale shark. The Basking shark is a slow-moving, docile creature that poses no threat to humans. A Basking shark can grow up to 40 feet long and weigh more than 5 tons. Its iconic, gaping mouth can be over three feet wide, and inside

Question 1: What is the primary diet of the Basking shark?

Answer 1: Plankton.

Question 2: How does the Basking shark eat its food?

Answer 2: By filter feeding, using its wide-open mouth and gill rakers.

Question 3: Where can the Basking shark typically be found?

Answer 3: In temperate oceans, swimming close to the surface.

Question 4: How long can a Basking shark grow?

Answer 4: Up to 40 feet long.

Question 5: What is the weight of an average adult Basking shark?

Answer 5: More than 5 tons.

Question 6: How wide can the Basking shark’s mouth open?

Answer 6: Over three feet wide.

Question 7: Is the Basking shark considered a threat to humans?

Answer 7: No, it’s a slow-moving and docile creature.

Question 8: What is the conservation status of the Basking shark?

Answer 8: Vulnerable.

Question 9: Who is the Basking shark’s larger relative?

Answer 9: The whale shark.

Question 10: Why is the Basking shark named as such?

Answer 10: Because it often appears to be “basking” in the sun near the water’s surface as it feeds.

Shark Trivia

Now that you have mastered all the shark trivia questions about the Tiger Sharks. Try your luck below to see how well you know sharks and the different types of sharks in the wild.

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