Shark Week

Every shark fan knows about Shark Week, and here at We Love Sharks it’s an obsession!

Our favourite time of the year comes in the summer when the Discovery Channel dedicates an entire week to Sharks. During this week, we get Shark Documentaries, Shark Films, Celebrity Shark Events and so much more.

What are we going to get this year?

Shark Week Videos

There are some epic shark videos below – have you seen them?

We have chosen some of the best moments from over the years, including uncaged Shark Diving, the Michael Phelps shark race and Great White Sharks breaching.

All About Shark Week

Find out everything you need to know about in our articles below. We have lists of documentaries, memes, videos, pictures and schedules for the best week of the year!

What channel is it on?

You can find all the programmes on the Discovery Channel, although you can also see clips on YouTube.

There is a way to get the Discovery Channel no matter where you are in the world, so check out our guides below for more info.

What are the dates this year?

The dates change every year according to the Discovery Channel, and when we know, you will know.

Check out the articles below for this year’s dates and schedule.